1. Keep your eyes on FLGT folks. At 30% short float and under 20 million stock float, it is poised for an epic squeeze. To make this situation, more enticing FLGT has no debt, over 650 million in cash and is scheduled to report over 850 million of revenue for the year of 2021. Thats over $12/ share in earnings. It won't take much for it to move up fast.

  2. Have you considered doing an etoro account so people like myself can copy your trades? As a popular invest you can earn quite a bit extra also

  3. retail investors are following youtubers which are pumping already overvalued stocks to get more views, thats why wish is not talked, doesnt get views and also why WISH shareholders are almost totally institutional.
    I have about 1000 shares at 11$ average and its my biggest position.
    that said, I still think is a high risk high play, but also high reward, and I guess that its better than high risk low reward which is the territory that the most known stocks are now.

  4. Great content and always good to watch your videos, I am fully loaded on WISH and expect it to be one of my Life best holdings once the tide has turned. I have lots of confidence in the team.

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