2nd Episode: Anthony Durkacz FSD Pharma (HUGE) Cannabis Medical Marijuana Podcast

Anthony Durkacz is currently a Director and Executive Vice President at First Republic Capital Corporation, which he joined in January 2014. First Republic has …


  1. Anthony seems very genuine. Will be looking into FSD Phamra (HUGE). Seems to be some potential here if this sector starts to move again. Right now its at a stand still.

  2. HUGE FSD Pharma will look into this company. I plan on also getting into some Marijuana stocks as well. Thank you for the show. Looking forward to many more down the road.

  3. Nice podcast on Penny Stocks PK. Always looking at the company to see if this is real. Anthony seems to know what he is talking about here when investing in penny stocks. Will look into FSD Pharma.

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