20 Cricut Hacks That Will Change Your Life TODAY!

If you love Cricut hacks, you will love these. We have 20 mind blowing Cricut hacks you will love. These are perfect for Cricut beginners. These cricut tips and …


  1. I started weeding on the mat and it’s made my life sooo much easier. I just recently got my first cricut machine it’s the joy (started small lol) and I’m loving this channel. I’ve learned so much. Thank you guys

  2. Hey girl. You are a godsend. Thank you so much for all the tips. Definately saved a ton of money. Just love this channel. And you are so easy to listen to. Thanx. Thanx. And thanx. ❤️🇨🇦

  3. I have the pump bottles you mention because I am a Nail Tech by trade and I saw them and thought I could save some money from buying a more expensive pump for my 100% acetone for doing nails. I will say These pumps work great for nail polish remove her as long as you don’t use 100% acetone you have to use a some thing with less acetone. But I didn’t want to throw my pumps away a couple years ago so I saved them on the off chance that I could repurpose them and who would have thought I would get my cricut and join MGL and find out that I can re-purpose those pumps that I already had for my alcohol for cleaning projects. I was so excited to find out that I didn’t waste my money on them when I tested them with alcohol they work beautifully and have no issues like they did with the acetone 😊😊😊

  4. Thanks for all these fabulous hacks, I'm going to read through the comments (not all 400 or so though) to get more. In class, I used washable Crayola markers for fabric pens – the lines are better & they are inexpensive! Can you use packing tape instead of transfer tape in a pinch? I have TONS of that left from my last move!

  5. Anyone else in the uk watching the totally awesome cleaner is the same as elbow grease which you can get for £1 – to get the awesome cleaner here is crazy expensive

  6. I love all of the hacks and tips! Especially the markers, and the LA Awesome Cleaner. However, the reminder to CHECK the pressure before the cut is important. As a matter of fact I had a 'fail' this weekend where I was doing something really simple — addressing an envelope with my Maker. Unfortunately, I neglected to change the setting for the font (which was a cut/and write) to DRAW and well lost an envelope because it tried to address it using the blade. oopsie. So MY NEXT project is going to be to make a sticker for my Maker that said something like "Hey idjit — check your settings before hitting the button"

    Can you use Cricut Joy products (ie: vinyl, mats, etc) with the other Cricut machines?
    (My niece has the Air 2 and I have the maker)
    Thank you!

  8. I’m sitting here watching this video and shaking my head yes to this girl like "Yep! Yep! That’s a great idea!!"
    Like she can see me!!!! Hahahahaha!!!
    (I crack myself up!!!)

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