Yankees vs. Twins, 7/23/19 (2019's Craziest Game!) | #MLBAtHome

Relive arguably the best game of the 2019 season, as the Yankees and Twins battled way into the night in this extra-inning, high-scoring thriller! #MLBAtHome x …


  1. what happened with the 8th inning with the "referee error " is called cheating or incredible irresponsible ref error. The Yankees had then 2 extra runs. from 8-9 to 10-9. Justice would have been made if the next hitter was flyedout, but the ball wasnt caught for just a little. I didnt know the game was won after such a stupid ref mistake. An another reason to have more 21st century technology to avoid that. The millions they earn in baseball could be usefully used for something like technology, maybe. In a million years? Like VAR is finally used in soccer. As well as in Basketball or American football after controversial plays/decisions, when replay/review is being used for ages. If time is the issue, make it 7 -nning games for example, and invest on more technology and more often, and make it more professionally. Imagine a human error deciding a NLDS/ALDS or, worst, a WS game.

  2. I remember watching this game I turned off the tv when the Yankees were down 8-2 then I went to my room and I fell asleep I woke up at like 1130 and asked my dad if the Yankees won and he said it wasn’t over and so I watched the rest and couldn’t believe that catch

  3. 14:04-DIDI’s 2 Run Double (2-0 Yankees)
    44:44-Alvarez’s RBI Single (2-1 Yankees)
    1:13:44-Polanco’s Solo Home Run (2-2 Tied)
    1:14:44-Cruz’s Solo Home Run (3-2 Twins)
    1:29:26-Castro’s RBI Single (4-2 Twins)
    1:36:34-Rosario’s RBI Sac Groundout (5-2 Twins)
    1:41:36-Sano’s 3 Run Home Run (8-2 Twins)
    1:58:58-DIDI’s 3 Run Home Run (8-5 Twins)
    2:08:20-Polanco’s RBI Double (9-5 Twins)
    2:52:36-Tauchman’s RBI Double (9-6 Twins)
    2:58:44-Judge’s 2 Run Double (9-8 Twins)
    3:12:08-DIDI’s 2 Run Double (10-9 Yankees)
    3:22:04-Sano’s 2 Run Home Run (11-10 Twins)
    3:34:04-Hicks 2 Run Home Run (12-11 Yankees)
    3:56:16-Polanco’s Sac Fly (12-12 Tied)
    4:07:04-Torres’s RBI Single (13-12 Yankees)
    4:10:30-Wild Pitch Romaine Scores (14-12 Yankees)
    4:29:44-Aaron Hicks Amazing Game Winning Diving Catch Yankees Win 14-12

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