1. Stoners should always use Hemp Wick as Hemp Wick burns a lot cleaner in reality compared too using a regular Bic Lighter ~ as lighters give of toxins after the lighter fluid combusts & turns into a flame ~ so your inhaling lighter fumes if your using a regular lighter for smoking.

  2. Butane has no flavour or odor. It’s used by professional pipe and cigar smokers. Beeswax that is on the hemp wick however does. You wouldn’t want to light anything with a candle.(candles were once made from beeswax). It would be a lot better just using a match or lighting some long piece of wood if you would like to save money.

  3. hemp wick is just hemp string and bees wax. to make your own buy the hemp wick and just melt some bees wax and soak it then let it try on wax paper or a baking sheet for a bit then your set

  4. Girlfriend just bought me this Christmas package full of paraphernalia and I got some hemp wick, had no clue what to do with it, came and found this video. I’ve been smoking with a lighter this whole time, my life has changed lol

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