1. If you had done your homework just like the AMA didn't it is legal in all 50 States. There are two types of CBD one is made from THC or the bud from a Marijuana Plant the 2nd is made from Hemp which is what Dean Wilson and Chad Reeds Sponsor use. There are zero laws against CBD derived from Hemp so it is 100% legal everywhere and no restrictions on advertising or the sale of it in any state except you must be 18 years old to purchase it.

  2. AMA must not be getting their cut. The AMA used to be sponsored by cigarettes and beer. The AMA does not want you to injure your health, but commonly recruits young blood for the military. Makes sense, stay healthy so we can kill your ass for the Golan Heights. We need a new AMA, is there another Mickey Thompson out there?

  3. CBD can shorten healing time. A friend had knee surgery and used cbd. In weeks he looked like it had been a year of healing. His surgeon said #:!$'&#$! What happened here" because the scaring on knee was minimal. Another friend uses it to sleep. Has back pain but cbd helps it

  4. Weedmaps sponsors FMX riders and you don't see XGames getting in a fit. Freestyle was created for that exact reason too many dumbass rules.

  5. I am sure AMA has their reasons for doing this from a legality standpoint. But at the same time, CBD products are harmless AND do have medicinal benefits. I definitely think this action by the AMA will have more negative effects for the sport than positive.

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