Why Compass Pathways Stock Could Be One Of The Best Long Term Investments Of Our Lifetime

Did you miss out on being an early investor in the Cannabis Boom? Investing in Compass Pathways stock ($CMPS) may be your golden ticket… You see there’s …


  1. You’re thinking a few years out, like how many3-5? Or 5-10? What’s your opinion? Thanks. Improv your #1 follower!! Love ya bro! Keep it up!

  2. I am coming in to give a thumb down. This guy has given too many BS recommendations. Don't listen to him or you will lose big money.

  3. I joined InvestorPlace about 2 months ago, and made a foolish mistake in believing in this guy. All I can say is go back the last 6 months and look at his picks he has made, and every one is down… and when I say down….I mean a lot. I'm down 44 % because I listened to this Asshole…..My fault…I just don't want anyone else to fall for his Bullshit. I wish someone had warned me.

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