1. Hi mate,you talk a lot is sense ,I’ve got tons of veggies,fruit ,peas and beans on the go,also got 2 CBD plants on the go outside,they seem be doin ok ,there about 3-4f ,and just in pre flower now ,I’m loving this gardening it’s m first year of doin it seriously,mainly doin it to teach m 2 young daughters how to grow land be self sustaining !🇬🇧👍🍓

  2. Alrite scouse scientist, looking good mi man, growing up in scotland NE in a small greenhouse, how do you control humidity at night? Iv been hitting 80-90% too high! Any answers much appreciated. Continue as you are sir👍

  3. Im really fascinated with hemp. Would really like to plant it. Is it legal to plant hemp in UK and is there a maximum amount of hemp that one can plant?

    Where do you get the seed btw?

  4. That’s what’s it’s about a bit of everything not just bang on full on green.
    Watching this closely good luck bro.
    Gotta love the arl home and bargain lad haha.

  5. High mate 👍🏻 your garden is looking nice tidy & healthy I can see your plants are gonna be happy & I like your style 👍🏻😎🇬🇧💯🔥🔥🔥 Big Respect

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