1. Howdy from Texas..how about inspection on site of little cbd company in cave creek Arizona called cbdunlimited..stock symbol is edxc..6 months ago it was less than .10 cents.. shot up past .65 cents.. now down to .30 cents..my nephew tried their dog cbds and said he got fantastic results in just 2 days for 2 of his 18 year old dogs..also what do you think about acb around $7…afraid to buy they…ever time the go up $1…the company buys something via stock payment and down goes acb,s price😢😢😢…like your “energy”… come to Texas..Dallas…the beer and smoked bq on me😁troy

  2. I am still watching right now…. But I wonder if you know:
    CBD are called legal now by the farm bill, but then again the FDA says they are not approved as a food or drug. So you will usually find only topical and pet medicine or (pet) food additives… Actually I believe some are advising you can find active CBD and even THC in some cases by using pet products. But don't ever tell anyone that! They are not a pet!

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