What is CBD Oil for the Skin & Why is No One Talking About It? Sensitive Skin/ACNE

Why is no one talking about this amazing ingredient?!? I wanted to share with you all my research and findings about this ingredient that I guarantee you will be …


  1. I started using CBD oil this past week and I already see a significant difference. I’ve seen an immediate change in my deep wrinkles and fine lines. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  2. I make my own CBD/THC potions with coconut oil. I've been using cannabis for medicine. In my state of Oregon, many children are being SAFELY treated with cannabis. It's been legal for medical years for 20 years. Open your mind.

  3. Have you heard about RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). I haven't been able to find out if CBD is the same minus the Psychoactive properties. I bought a product called Baba Salve . It has RSO in it . I put some on my forehead and around my eyes and it is softening my wrinkles. I had been considering getting Botox but it might just solve my problem.

  4. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  5. P.s CBD alone never helped me for my chronic pain but I will try it again for my facial skin issues and rosacea 🙂 great to see so much positivity on the comments section . The tide is turning on cannabinoids 🙂 one day people will be able to help themselves heal.

  6. Brilliant to see you talking about this Elle. Am a huge supporter of having the full plant legalised for medical use in Ireland but CBD alone is fully legal as it is (just not deemed medical). Lot of healthfood stores are stocking it now in hemp extracted form..but also many places stocking the Stanley bros Charlotte's Web extract oil. Tbh I would personally prefer the full extract cannabjs oil containing all viable cannabinoids including THC as it would be more effective due to the "entourage effect" . Our own receptors respond better to more than one cannabinoid in other words. And nope, you can't get high from skin absorption , you'd need shockingly concentrated oil for that , im not even sure it's possible 😀 I have used full extract oil (plus coconut oil or Shea butter in balm form) for pain and used it on my face and used it for my 10 yr old daughters growing pains and found it really soothing as did she , but I ran out of it and as it's illegal here, (a homemade body and skin cannabis crafting source made it)it's expensive to get . It is indeed an amazing plant , in the same way lavender, chamomile, willow bark,witch hazel,oat etc are all so beneficial to us in oil form only cannabis is the supreme plant. Nature is a great thing and the pharmaceutical giants don't want us next to nature .I am a very sick 38yr old mom, im nit going to die but i might as well be sometimes . I sm jn bed most of thr time with severe pain and fatigue and a host of other crap …so my skin is not the best its dry blotchy and possibly rosacea in there too. (I'm Irish and bone white so am I eczemic am I acneic am I just weird who knows lol) It makes me so damn frustrated to know a SAFE non harmful to my body at all, health holy grail is out there but I can't have it yet I'm in too much pain daily and so Im faced with pharma only (in my case Fentanyl patches and oxynorm and muscle relaxants ) all the time just to barely function . :(.
    So thanks Elle! it's just great to see the plant being recognised for the good it does not for the stigma that it's just there to get people high. Opiods get some people high too and kill people (not me bizarrely tolerant of them) and they don't make them illegal ? You can see why it makes us who are genuinely sick so angry as the entourage effect could really truly help us live again.
    I'm so sorry for the essay. I watch all of your videos lately and have learned so much from you about my skin needs and you have already helped me with getting a handle on my rosacea with the ordinary retinoid 2% emulsion and lactic acid 10% and the Vichy mineral 89 was a fabulous recommendation.
    You know your stuff and thank you for sharing with us ..and especially in this sometimes controversial subject ❤😊 much love x

  7. Wow Elle,I mean i love the Hemp line from the body shop,but this oil sounds out of this world & all from nature.Im really looking forward to this product in future & hope they do all the testing so it can help people with a range of ills. I love the rain sounds,I’m trying all sorts of calming sounds 👍🏻🌸💕🤗

  8. My vet has had my dog on CBD oil for her restless leg syndrome! It works. And it helps humans with RLS too. ♡♡♡

  9. I love CBD oil. I've been using it in soaps, and creams I make for family and friends. It has so many benefits, and has been utilized for centuries and is said to ease dry skin, reduce inflammation and alleviate skin issues such as eczema (atopic dermatitis).  CBD and hemp oil in shampoo also enables the process of kerative creation, which helps you develop stronger and more resilient hair. CBD oil may be ingested. It contains the ideal amount of fatty acids for long-term human nutrition. The essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3 are often missed in our diets. It's also been shown to reduce inflammation, offer pain relief, and is helpful in the treatment of anxiety. It's also a natural antimicrobial. The potential uses for this oil are countless. There are promising studies that show CBD may have some benefits in the treatment of certain cancers. As a clinical pathologist I diagnosis disease based on the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids, such as as blood, urine, and tissue homogenates or extracts. I find the cause. I don't treat patients, but I keep abreast of promising new treatments in medicine. I want to clarify that this has not been approved by the FDA. Most drugs take upwards of a decade before moving to human trials. Do not use any supplements without first speaking to your doctor.

  10. The ordinary is coming out with a new Buffet that contains copper peptides, what are your thoughts on copper peptides? Is it worth checking out? Xoxo

  11. Thanks for the video Elle! We have tried the CBD oil with my son internally for Autism. It helps to calm him but it doesn’t taste good so it is hard to hide. And he has heightened senses😱. My sons psychiatrist has prescribed it for his pediatric patients for seizures.

  12. Wow Elle you are just such an amazing person thank you so so much for taking the time to research CBD & to share all you have learned with us. I have always been interested in trying it out for my issues with my back & also anxiety. I think it’s an amazing now that it will be in our skin care in the near future & I’m excited to try some of the products you mentioned. Thank you so much Elle once again you made my day❤️much love & light to you & yours xxxx

  13. I am a huge fan of CBD oil. It works on many issues (in my experience as well as many friends). I have used this product and am excited to see it go more main stream as another choice.

  14. Thank you so much for this information. I will definitely do more research as I am hoping this would be helpful for my arthritic pains. Looking forward to learning more – sounds amazing.

  15. I was so sad to hear about your daughters seizures. I'm an Epileptic and know how disruptive and disturbing they can be. It takes great strength to be a parent and watch your child experience this. When I was diagnosed the medication, only 1 for my type, wasn't even available in the US. My folks took some dangerous risk to get it for me. I hope your daughters are manageable and possibly the type that minimize with age. You're a great lady and I know you bring her great comfort. Lots of prayers coming your way. 🙏

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