What are you willing to give up to change the way we work? | Martin Danoesastro

What does it take to build the fast, flexible, creative teams needed to challenge entrenched work culture? For transformation expert Martin Danoesastro, it all …


  1. Henry Ford gave us revolutionized industry and his guy wants us to go back to preFord era where one person does it all. Which in 21st century means managers should start doing workers job also. So the advice is to lay of the work force and make managers do the actual work also.

  2. Great System Martin! Thank you so much for sharing this 🙏🏼😊

    I am so happy to discover that this evolution is taking place.

    This has so many benefits for everybody and every organisation.

    – It solves so much stress
    – It opens doors for so many people who always felt they could do much more and didn't have the chance or didn't dare to show it.
    – It teaches people to take responsability
    – It saves money as well for the organisation as for the people personally
    – it gives so much joy to the whole team and creates a healthier organisation on all levels

    Really awesome 😊💖


  3. I don't think a flock of birds flying together is a good example of autonomy, in fact it is quite the opposite. They don't have autonomy, they must work together to stay in the flock. Autonomy would look like birds flying in different directions, not in a flock, far from each other and not in each other's way. With autonomy there is higher risk to predators, but there is more freedom of movement. I am not willing to sell my autonomy for security. I prefer to live free with the risk that another free person may use their autonomy to attempt to kill me. Its a risk I am willing to take, because without autonomy, life isn't worth living in the first place, and I would be better off dead.

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