Week 5 in flower update under the bp3000 from bloom plus

Week 5 in flower under the bp3000 from bloom plus. In the 4×4 grow tent ladies are happy under the quantum board set up. Use code endogrows420 for extra …


  1. Just got one im so excited cuz im putting it in a 8x6x4 along with a HLG 550 V2 eco 🖖🤤 I have sum questions about positioning for germination they seem to like the bloom plus over my hlg by far but how far do you think I should leave it hang from the canopy. So with that being said with both lights running approximately 1600 watts in total at 35 sq ft. Before I was running a 400 watt hid with my hlg and I yielded 14 oz off of 3 plants to Skywalker ghost mixed with triangle Kush and a white widow Auto

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