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  1. WHAT DO YOU THINK ? The Wuhan Chinese Biological Laboratory is actually owned by Glaxo, who happens to be the owner / majority partner of Pfizer (that of the miracle vaccine for the covid), who casually handles the finances of Black Rock, who happens to handle the finances of the Open Foundation Society (Soros), who incidentally looks after the interests of the French company AXA, of which the German company Winterthur built the Chinese laboratory, accidentally bought by the German Allianz, and which has by chance as a large shareholder Vanguard, which is Black Rock shareholder who controls central banks and manages 1/3 of the world's investment capital, which is by chance a large shareholder of Microsoft and Gates, which is by chance shareholder of Pfizer and currently the first sponsor of WHO !!! Is it clear enough why a bat came in and grabbed the snake and the whole planet got infected? STAY AT HOME Two thousand years ago, the Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their noses or mouths removed personality and depersonalized, helping to make them more submissive. With that they imposed on every woman the mandatory use of a veil over her face. Then Islam turned that into a symbol of the woman's submission to Allah, then to the king, and finally to the owner of the harem. Modern psychology explains it: without a face we do not exist as independent beings and, consequently, as free people. China has done the same with her people in the last decades and since the school did not teach us the true history, we are condemned to repeat it. STAY AT HOME: That we will put you out of work to make you dependent on the state. STAY AT HOME: That we will decide when and how you can go out, even if you don't have money to shop. STAY AT HOME: Even if your parents have a few years to live, and they don't see their grandchildren for the doubt that they will catch it. STAY AT HOME: You should still continue to pay your taxes, even if you are not working. STAY AT HOME: And you get distracted by banal things and you live confused with absurd things, and you don't see what we are really doing with your rights. STAY AT HOME: Because if you go outside your home you run the risk of dying from a flu with 2% mortality. STAY AT HOME: So we can study your behavior, to be able to better control you with our satellites and connected devices. STAY AT HOME: That we will leave you a list of virtual entertainment so that you do not question the new normal. STAY AT HOME: And be careful what you do because your neighbors also act with our police. STAY AT HOME: Do not expose yourself to sunlight or bacteria, so we destroy your immune system. STAY AT HOME: This is how we get the money out of circulation, create a single coin and prepare the way for the vaccine of the new species. STAY AT HOME: So we can continue with our global agenda, making the changes we want without you noticing, without interference and without protest. STAY AT HOME: You move away from everything that makes you human, so our action will be more subtle, you will find it normal and there will be no culprits. STAY AT HOME: Like when Hitler gave orders and people complied. Only he did it with weapons and we with fear. STAY AT HOME: Do not fight for your rights as a citizen or for your family, we want you docile, not a rebel. STAY AT HOME: No freedom, no job, no school, no religion, no travel, no ability to discern, no future, no humanity, but with Tiktok and Netflix. STAY AT HOME: meanwhile we manage and prepare a dictatorship thanks to your ignorance and tolerance. STAY AT HOME: Until you become completely dehumanized and lose empathy for your people, creating a division or rupture impossible to remedy FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE Understand, they don't want you healthy, they want you a slave !!! The new world order is that, controlled and perfidious. REMEMBER All this has a solution. IT ONLY DEPENDS ON US. If sharing this message is already censored (limited to 1 contact), copy and send to a single contact and then share from the one you sent, for 5 people at a time

  2. When China rolls out lockdowns and orders their citizens to wear masks what did US media say on shows?what goes around come around. compared to other developed countries ,US seems doing really badly in this pandemic. 81k death already?unbelievable.

  3. No country will buy anything else from China, we will boycott its economy, the world will unite and China will be a country isolated from everything. pass this comment on to everyone

  4. Now we need to make transparency in China by media and people should be given right to speak about govt in and world should address the conflict of tibet country and Beijing which was occupied by china. U.S.and human rights commission,uno, international court and other national bodies should address the revolution in china by its people.Even china says that it's effecting the sovereignty but what is a country?country is made by people not for politicians of that country.This covid 19 was not known by world because of lack of transparency in China and it's media.China needs to know that country is for people but not people for country.this is my opinion

  5. Everyone listen!!!! Do not get suckered into a war with china.. this is the agenda… do not be a tool and do not believe what you are being told… this virus is being blown out of proportion on purpose and hospitals are 100% getting paid for every Corona related death posted.. this is facts not rumor.. do your dd

  6. Grabbed there gun like hunters. You should have called the cops, but because your a former retired cop nobody wanted to touch this case. Give this man justice. Who does that chase someone down with a gun hes running down the street where are the stolen products? This is just like barbecue Becky, lemonade patty, etc. Just the men went for a weapon.

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