Wake & Bake America 730 Using Cannabis & Alcohol Responsibly & Cannabis To Treat Addiction

The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out & Waking And Baking And Talking About How You Can Use Cannabis And Alcohol Responsibly And How It Is Unfair …


  1. Legalization is not going well in Canada the quality sucks , it cost 3 times as much as previously for the same quality.. Its bone dry , lots of stems , mold complaints and they posted the photos. Then they say theres a shortage so they can keep the price high of shitty pot The alternative market is thriving lile you would not believe.

  2. When is the free grow store open? Last week I thought y’all said, last week, that it would be open on “Wednesday at 7pm CST.” I was sitting at my computer from 7:45-9pm central time last Wednesday, constantly refreshing the pages and I never saw anything new OR AVAILABLE! I’m a DGC member and I was logged in. What am I missing here guys?? How do I access the free grow store?

    FWIW – I’m DTOM420 on DGC

  3. I can't hold it in any longer fellas I need the full intro song Back! I find myself missing not being able to sing along with it out loud on my way to work or starting my day. Can we get a dgc vote here come on everyone who's with me??

  4. I can guarantee Rez Block(420Science) is way better and cheaper than this weird concept of a product. Why are we so hell bent on selling bottled water?

  5. The health system does not call it addiction, they use the term dependency……..you become dependant on oxycontin and Percocet, not addicted……….I asked my Dr when he told me this what is the difference. He says one you are sucking dick on the streets, the other you see me……..this is the start of the 1st time I grew cannabis.

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