Wake & Bake America 1018: Cannabis Normalization Progress & Movies For Stoners

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  1. Spent a week in San Francisco, my hotel was in downtown and soon as I arrived I stocked up some pre rolls so Id always be ready to puff. At least twice I had police walk by me and never even look at me twice while I was smoking outside. It felt great considering I am from a state where it is barely legalized as of 2020.

  2. You were talking about normalization. I am a night stocker at a big box stores. With covid, there is pre screening. Every day, persistent cough, yes I smoke weed. They keep telling us to be honest, so….. Also, the other day I walked the 5 km to work. I took the extra time to walk and smoke and enjoy myself. I did not advertise that I was smoking ,but I also did not hide my pipe. I passed about a dozen groups, and no one said anything about it. I am in a suburb of Edmonton Alberta. I'm trying to help break the barriers πŸ‘

  3. Scotty may be referring to Wes Craven's "Serpent and the Rainbow". Its a good un.
    The hunt for zombie drug finds zombies 🀯😳😲

    But seriously search and watch the Korean revenge movie "Old Boy" today. Such acting. And pain. 🀯

  4. A divisive movie by an absolute carbunkle of a man "Jackie Brown" has to be lauded as one of first real depictions of being stoned in a mainstream movie. De Niro untangling the landline cord. Amazing. Great direction.

  5. in relation to humane harvest, I would suggest that plants can emit stress pheromones that the other plants can detect and respond to, so I would be somewhat considerate of the pheromone and keeping it away from the others when harvesting

  6. You don't wanna get caught in areas of Texas for damn sure. Any amount can be jail. Concentrates auto felony no matter amount.. great show keep it up folks

  7. Snow bongs are real. We Vermonters invented them and you use fresh virgin snow not this walk way shovel pile suggested. That like watering your untainted purple haze seeds with town water in Flint, MI.

  8. I just moved from VA to DC to grow my own πŸ˜‰ VA did approve the new decriminalization bill that goes into effect July 1st. The new law makes possession of an ounce or less punishable by a $25 fine but pretty sure they will still take your ounce. Still a huge step for VA where before you would be risking your lively hood for a gram. I have had friends’ lives go down the drain for very small amounts. How do I enter to win the pulse monitor? I need one for sure!

  9. Does anyone else notice cannabis is a fungal plant and the "bud" is literally a fungus that you're smoking?? Kinda why it gives users a psychoactive effect kinda like ummm mushrooms?? Which is another fungus?

  10. i give my ladies a scoop of recharge every week, i can always see them go boom while i got them getting all stretched out in veg when they hit that recharge. love the stuff.

  11. I'm traveling/moving cross country from NY to Cali right now…I figured itd be a once in a lifetime experience to do this is the middle of a pandemic! I made it South Bend Indiana and decided to check out Notre Dame University. It was a crazy feeling to walk around this place May 4th which should have kids running around getting ready for finals, and partying they're balls off for grad-a-mation. Nothing. Nobody. Crickets. Just the bell tolling. Our country on CoVid.

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