VERIFY: No evidence to support Woody Harrelson's claim that 5G and COVID-19 are linked

People have tried to link 5G rollouts with the COVID-19 pandemic since January. The claim was recently amplified by celebrities.


  1. Non-ionising radiation is very dangerous!

    Solar UV light can cause skin burns and cancer, microwave ovens will cook and can also cause cancer. Both use non-ionizing radiation.

    In a microwave oven the water molecules are vibrated, this in turn heats the food. How it works is that certain frequencies of radiation will effect specific molecules, in much the same way as an opera singer can break a glass when the voice pitch wave-length is the same size as a particular vessel.

    Similarly the 5G at 60Ghz is a very high energy radiation that coincidentally effects oxygen molecules in such a way that our blood cannot transport oxygen to our vital organs properly.

  2. Not saying 5G causes C-19 we are saying that when everyone has had this C-19 vaccine 💉 5G will stimulate the mercury and aluminum’s thats already In our bodies meaning more cancers illness and more for big pharmaceuticals, it’s a war about population control and making more money for the gov’s dug peddlers

  3. i can do my own research ,and stop usinf woody harelson when you not show him ,but only a text marked with only a name no voice no signature , you talk for who ????

  4. MSM is trying too hard to feed the public their version of "the facts" and they're not being authentic. Any thinking person can tell we are not being told the truth, by China or by our own governments or news outlets.

  5. Here's the proof Woody !
    I looked up where 5G was launched in the United States last year.
    A website gave me over 30 States and the cities where 5G was launched.
    Then I looked up where the first confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus were located in each of the above states.
    25 of the first confirmed cases of Covid-19 virus were in the 25 states and the 25 cities.
    3 first confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus were within 200 miles of the cities in those 3 states.
    3 first confirmed cases were within 15 miles of the cities in those 3 states.
    Now, this is not a theory, this facts located on sites on the internet.

  6. No evidence or they won't let the evidence get out. 5g is far more electromagnetic radiation than were supposed to be exposed to nobody is saying it causes the virus but it weakens the immune system allowing it to propagate easier. You people debunked nothing.

  7. Side Effects of 5G Radiation poisoning are exactly the same as the symptoms of Covid 19. Covid 19 is just the flu made worse by 5G Radiation poisoning, The government just wants to declare Marshal Law and rollout the military to go door to door and inject everyone with the “Mark Of The Beast Microchip Vaccine”. The Bible Describes “The Mark Of The Beast as a Mark on the right hand or forehead in which you will not be able to buy and sell without. The Beast is described as a man with the name of a number, and that number is 666, now look at Microsoft’s Patent that came out about a week ago for a “Microchip Cryptocurrency System” The patent number is literally 060606. The government will give you a vaccine with a microchip in it which will connect to the 5G network and your phone and you will have to obey certain tasks such as isolating yourself from other people or you will lose your cryptocurrency, the governments are going to get rid of physical money because they say paper money can carry the virus, they want your money kept on a digital account connected to your microchip so they can remotely freeze your money or take money out of your account for jaywalking like they already do in China with their mass surveillance system. This whole thing is a fake planned out thing already fully thought out by our satanic government so they can chip everyone, get rid of paper money, and lock everyone down to the 5G prison system. 5G Cell Towers use the same exact technology as the Military’s Active Denial System which is used to temporarily paralyse people during protests, 5G was also first installed and tested in Wuhan which is where the Coronavirus was first discovered, look into how dangerous 5G is and you’ll see that every single test that’s been done to see if 5G is safe has shown that it causes negative effects to Everything, it kills birds, kills trees, kills grass under them, causes cancer and bloody noses, makes people sick, a lot of them are even starting on fire, the government is even cutting down thousands of trees that disrupt frequencies of these towers. Installing 5G for faster just to be able to download movies faster doesn’t make sense, I know a lot about technology and if you look the reasons they say for installing 5G, they don’t make sense, 5G uses around 90Ghz Microwave Frequencies which can only go short distances, WiFi routers have much greater distance, much faster speeds, cost waaaaaaaay less money to instal, and are far safer, why is the government spending billions of dollars installing 5G cell towers just so people can download movies faster? It’s not for that reason at all, they want A city wide Active Denial System to be installed so they can stop protests and Microwave people. The Active Denial System can literally kill people if they are unable to run away from the heat beam, A police station or the government or whoever has access to the 5G Active Denial System can literally aim the radiation beam through the walls of someone’s house and slowly Microwave them when they’re sleeping and kill them. Look into 5G Active Denial System, Bill Gates Event201, Vaccine Microchips, Microsoft Patent 060606, The Bible Revelations coming true and the Mark Of The Beast, and look into how the hospitals are classifying basically all deaths as caused by Covid19, Covid19 stands for “Certification Of Vaccination ID Ai. 1=A 9=i, the 5G Network is powered by Ai, look up thecrowhouse on YouTube and look up ODD TV

    Edit: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have just announced that they will be blocking and deleting all videos and posts saying 5G causes the coronavirus, that just shows that they have something to hide, the truth will always prevail in the end no matter how hard the government and big evil corporations lie to the masses

  8. Hello? Did anyone here supporting this ever attend school? We are surrouned by radiation of all wave lengths all the time, micro waves, radio waves, even Gamma Radiation since the start of the Universe. STOP SMOKING SO MUCH WEED.. Woody is a Stoner, omg how stupid are you people.. we are doomed!!!!

  9. I've had a look into what a virus is. The first thing is there is no virus spreading and killing people. A virus is a cellular discharge, cellular excretions. So social distancing and this lockdown is a load of rubbish.

    When a cell gets polluted with toxins, the cell goes into cleaning mode. Once the cell has had a cleanup, what's left is the rubbish. The cell then produces a molecule, this molecule is called a virus. Why they call it "virus" is beyond me because the word "virus" means "poison" in Latin. The real term for these excretions should be "exosomes" not virus.

    Under an electron microscope, the micro-organism of what they are calling Covid-19 has the exact same structure as the exosomes produced by the cell.

    The body produces many different exosomes in our body, this is because the cells are always cleansing themselves of all the different toxic pollutants entering in.

    Because of this constant cleaning, there are always (exosomes) being created to deal with the rubbish. These exosomes when tested, will always contain RNA and proteins, and they look just like what they are calling Covid-19.
    The exosomes reveal themselves as snot, fevers, flus, headaches, etc.
    Exosomes are non-living, and they do not cause disease.

    The exosomes "virus" doesn't cause the illness, the exosome simply shows a person is going through an illness while the cells are cleansing themselves of the pollutants. The pollutants are the actual cause of the illness. For example, asbestos is a pollutant, which when breathed in can cause lung problems. And guess what will be present if a RT-PCR test is done on that person? That molecule, that "virus" they are calling Covid-19.

    5g seems to be a major pollutant in our atmosphere, from 5g towers, 5g cables, smart meters in our homes, and our mobile phones. All causing an increased amount of radiation entering our body's cells. You could say the 5g is the actual virus(poison)we need to deal with.

    Many countries, especially Italy, Spain, and Wuhan city are saturated in 5g radio frequencies, which they can turn up or down at will. When 5g frequency runs at 60ghz breathing becomes very difficult, causing respiratory flu-like problems, and sometimes death.

    There is no Covid-19, there is no virus being passed from person to person, this is all a lie which has caused us all to lose our freedoms…we need to get our freedoms back.

  10. How about more experiments 🧪 done on 5G would clear all this crap 💩 up….. not saying China is lying.. but it’s hard to believe China 🇨🇳 when we see how they treated whistle blowers and paid their people penny’s in the 90s to work in factories 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Yes and no. 5g hardware didn’t cause COVID-19 directly, but it did indirectly in some places. Don’t forget the Chinese installed 5g systems all over Italy using Chinese workers. No coincidence there.

  12. Your microwave and phone operate around 2.45ghz. Radiation from 5G towers emits signal in 60ghz or higher is what causes phenomena and flu like symptoms is called radiation poisoning. Eventually to much exposure causes death due to 5G millimeter waves destroying Oxygen cells. Wuhan China was the first place in the world in November 2019 to turn on there futuristic surveillance 5G city. Which some how has the same effects on people as this C-19. Media outlets as this news station won’t tell you real information due to most of humanity being sheep and buying toilet paper. Wake up America NWO in progress.

  13. 5G doesn't cause or spread Covid-19. The primary theory is that 5G deterioates immunity and makes the subject more hospitalble to all viruses. It is espoused quite cogently by researcher David Icke. I was keyed to the issue when the very non controversial podcast London Real was blacklisted on YouTube and LinkedIn. The show never took a position, but usually free speech issues only come when there is a truth that is being restricted from the public.

  14. There's numerous videos with this same guy talking about how 5G is no problem 😁

    I wonder how many family members he has that work for the CIA;
    I bet quite a few 🤔

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