Utah doctor's viral twitter misunderstanding regarding COVID-19 drug measures

A retired physician’s message regarding Hydroxychloroquine and its potential use to combat COVID-19 has taken off on social media, drawing response from …


  1. This drug is to SURPRESS HYPER IMMUNE SYSTEMS like Lupus which what it's for. If your Immune System is compromised it will make you worse or kill you. So NO it doesn't help everyone

  2. 2 people in Texas took medication with similar/same/ for dish/ name…..but not the same, and 1 die and 1 in critical condition!!!! The one survivor said don't listen to the present!! He isn't a doctor!!!! Listen to your doctor……not Trump!!!!

    Pull your head out FOX, you're right there with Fake News Media. You think the gov is better at dispensing life saving medications?

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