1. Have u ever studied history?alcohol and drugs always spike post recession and during a recession, that's a universal axiom, that's why marijuana sales have been reportedly climbing ….cmon bro!

  2. Aurora is str8 trash, screwed all its investors. Not sure how anyone cam justify that company. People are in a position where the company needs to increase 300% to just break even, not make money but just break even. Hope is over for this company give it up.

  3. All shareholders of ACB stock are going to be royally screwed my. 1521 shares I purchased at $9.30 are now only 126 shares. Meaning ACB stock will have to trade at $111.00 per share just to break even. ACB will Most likely never trade at those numbers. What a waste of $14000 What a Fu#king scam !!! ACB=Scam

  4. If the price will increase 12x and the shares decrease by 12x the price will stay the same, if I understood you correctly. How are the gonna get above 1$ then? Sorry, ainโ€™t compiling ๐Ÿ™‚

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