1. I sold all my Aurora shares at about 77 Cent with a small loss😖. I will revisit this company and the future, after the reverse split. Also I picked up in what I believe was a good deal for OGI at 1.50 😎.

  2. After extensive research, and the MASSIVE write-offs that are remaining, I'm done with ACB!!!:) I took a look at Curaleaf, CURLF, and especially body and mind, BAMM, and found that they had excellent balance sheets and ARE growing that's where I'm switching to. Wish you guys all the best, and thank you so much Gibs!!!;)

  3. Since the Nasdaq is extending time periods for delisting due to the Coronavirus, I’m hoping ACB changes their minds on the reverse split. As an example, I watched TRNX stock go from .11 cents yesterday to .50 cents today because they changed their mind on a reverse split.

  4. Dr scott jenson already stated doctors and hospitals get incentives for having covd diagnosis and using ventilators. That means these numbers are fear mongering tactics. We under 35k so far.(which are inflated)But the virus is real so be careful.

  5. I think the reason why they did not do anything about the out break is because they wanted it to be a big event so they can go into a new world order where they can now monitor & collect people data for years to come & that is what they are doing now.

  6. Look into delta 9 cannabis. They could be a big contender with their expansion plans, unique growing pod system, low production costs, and low operation costs.

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