1. Well heck Tucker. Did you care or worry about the 1.9 trillion tax cut act? Second Tucker who caused the economic melt down in 2008? Seems to me in 2000 we as country had a surplus of money in the Treasury. After a republican President for 8 years who gave 3 of those famous trickle down tax cuts and 2 wars which by the way Tucker 20 years later we are still fighting. We are so far in debt from him. then add Trumps famous tax cuts and out of control spending over 4 years. Now old Tucker wants to talk about the debt. LMAO Tucker. How much did you make last year and how much did your buddy Trump save you a year on your taxes. your Tucker big a Hypocrite.

  2. Fox News is so horrific, it is beyond logic. Total madness. They will actually go out of their way to keep people ignorant and resentful … if that's what they have to do to have the biggest audience for their corporate advertisers. They continually twist and distort so they can make money off off of keeping the nation politically divided. Let's not focus on the fact that this relief bill will help the large majority of the Fox News viewers, you don't want to talk about that.

  3. Drmocrats need to be transparent about excessive pork in the bill. Money spent on items that have nothing to do with Covid or helping Americans.
    Democrats are not transparent, not doing the right thing.

  4. With all the homeless in the Nation others in need the Pork waste of money and going to someone out of the U.S.A. is So Bad-Not Right-Must Stop!!! Come On Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That relief is NOTHING for the regulars Americans!!
    None of the small business help is offered to real small business !! As the other part is all FAKE !!

  6. Think of what they are doing now…..taking from the American people in need to give to other countries and personal agendas/giving the money to themselves through other channels………through a bill that is supposed to be solely for economic relief for Americans…….what would someone think if they saw parents give their starving children each a cookie, and gave bails of meat and staple foods to families down the street and then leave the children to starve while going down the street to those people they gave the food to and sat down to a 10 course meal? That's this "Covid relief bill"-another bunch of corruption erupting the main media into a propaganda feast. May they get theirs for their part in this crime in plain site!

  7. I think China should be sued for the debt incurred by their negligence. This cost the world huge amounts in loss of life and economic prosperity. The World should come together to hold them accountable.

  8. The stimulus plan is keeping the politicians rich because eventually we're going to run out of that money and we'll be right back where we started but the politicians would get that money right back….. I can't stand our government and I don't trust our government Trump is the only one that can make our government great

  9. America's kindness, fairness, and freedoms have been exploited too long. It is time for dissapline, sacrifice and patriotism. The D party is about creating confusion and over extending interests and capability in order to ensure excuses for failure.

  10. If Americans really had the access & the education to read that bill in it's entirety, I think they would refuse it, & choose to somehow pull together & get through without it.

  11. Carlson I bet you a steak and cheese that Biden screws up his first month in office that is if trump let's him Mr trump needs to turn over one states all he need is to find the person or persons they paid off Mr trump need to offer a reward if it's good for the goose it good for our country

  12. So they're hopping for one last major payout before they lose the election and get exposed for the useless thieves they are !!! Doesn't anybody else see this for what it is 🤣🤣🤣

  13. do not twist true data and mislead public, it is lying and killing , we put you there as public servant to work for American citizen not China and your pocket book(democrat party) … murderer….

  14. After watching Tucker, I can see why the left hates him. The facts he provides about the heros act, make want to puke. If "heros" are lobbyists and other swamp rats (or as AOC would say it, ETC.).

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