This video is entended for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home. time to slip slop and slap that sun screen and head on …


  1. Yes boy knew it knew you were Welsh lol thought I was going.bonkers when on another vid the description said in california! Great vids mate keep up the good work and sounds like you've have a good life traveling over the seas lad

  2. Keep it up bro I know the painting of hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours that's Dana bro I'm feeling it by watching the video but it all neighbor love man and then we got to look at things we sleep when we die ran we sleep when we we die bro Randy and the whole gang I know the pain and working and working and working because that's the way we did it in school for Years bro I may just be getting my vacation and I don't like doing absolutely nothing bro I like being busy I will gladly help you guys you know I would for everything I got anything I could I would keep it going guys is all labor love power to the oneidas and I know how that is keep it up good and God bless

  3. Keep it up man Emily keep it up you doing a great job Dad what's up guys algae in the Next Room family pieces love you guys and God bless and it always room for you on my beautiful you know that mean weather see you when you're not busy keep it going get that work done and God bless

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