1. I usually have respect for you but you are blatantly lying about his disinfected comments,he never mentioned Lysol,watch the full video in its actual context,stop with your tds

  2. As someone who would've voted for him and will vote for him this year, I can watch this video and agree with you on stuff. I'm not a blind supporter that thinks he can do no harm. I know no one can be the perfect president, and can acknowledge when he does or says something wrong.

  3. Climate change is true however how "they" are falsely presenting it. Yes the President misspoke on certain things. You are WRONG Obummer wasn't born in the US. FBI created the birth certificate.

  4. The "inject Lysol/bleach" thing is entirely a media lie. He did not suggest it, he did not recommend it. He asked a dumb question while discussing surface disinfectants (bleach, alcohol and UV light among others) with an expert. Not understanding biology, he asked if these methods of very quickly killing viruses on surfaces could be applied to the body (in a very few limited cases, they actually can, but I kind of doubt Trump knew that).

    The media quickly spun this stupid question into fake news, and even tied the increase in medical calls for disinfectant exposure to his question (in reality, it comes from people overusing disinfectants and accidentally exposing themselves, not people drinking bleach or snorting Lysol). There's a fair bit to criticize in what Trump said, but the media felt the need to lie anyway.

    Most of the rest of your epic fails, I understand, though for most of them the saving grace was that it was just a dumb thing he said, not something he tried to pass policy on (with the exception of the Paris Climate Accord, which yeah, that was a bad move).

    Orange Man is bad, but he's not nearly as bad as the media makes him out to be.

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