Top 10 high profit crops for you to become a MILLIONAIRE

This is the list of top 10 legal and most profitable crops for small farms to grow. Here we made this list of crops by considering its price per kilogram, its growing …


  1. Maybe you talk about magic mushroom that's why its at the number one…. I think you need to re-check the cost of growing mushrooms and it can get easily infected .

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  3. I’m 7th generation farmer, we had to sell the farm. This list isn’t very realistic or accurate.

    Just because you CAN earn 50k per acre on flowers does not mean that you WILL earn that.
    We had 4 acres of cut flowers by the time we sold, they never brought 20k per acre even tho we sold at farmers markets.
    Herbs, bonsai, greenhouses of various types of plants… we never could earn more than we spent.

  4. Plants free of water deficit events more efficiently absorb available plant nutrients enabling plants to achieve their maximum genetic potential. SWRT membranes installed below plant root systems retain water where it falls, providing continuous delivery of
    drought-free periods up to 3 times longer than intensely irrigated control sands without root zone water retention membranes (Guber et al, 2016).

  5. Farming is not easy for sure / If you have crop depend on the soil and whether if livestock could get disease etc/. Greeting From Transylvania, Romania / We hardly make enough money for food

  6. Namaskar

    Farming is not so easy as understood by all,
    Farmers can do it , but need rates and system to be backed by the government to do t, Or a investment by a support group.
    I want to do it but where is the money for Investment.?? and to maintain the equipments and machenery

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