This Is A Lawn Care Video. Sunny Day Dropping Lawn Bombs!!

This Is A Lawn Care Video. Sunny Day Dropping Lawn Bombs!! I hope this vid gets you ll amped for SPring and Summer Lawn Season! The first truly warm day …


  1. I hate complaining…but why is the music in your videos 2x louder than your voice? I am constantly adjusting my volume when watching your vids. I love your content…keep it coming.

  2. perfect question for you..i use to only mix my air8 and rgs together..then 002 and humic together..came across people saying you cant mix them all together in a backpack sprayer..then i was seeing where people mixed it all in whats your opinion..can you or cant you..and another..i notice in the hose end sprayer it doesnt come out looking straight chemical which should eliminate stains..bc on my sprayer i have to be really careful to not get it on the sidewalks..

  3. You mentioned the dog pee spots and flushing them out. I believe I once saw or heard to “spray it brown” with perhaps RGS or Humic 12 (could be making that up 🤷‍♂️). Thoughts or what do you recommend?

  4. Love your videos and content, but could I ask that you balance out your music volume with your speaking audio. With headphones it was a drastic change. Keep up the great work.

  5. John, you go by a friend's house to help him with HIS lawn.issues and he doesn't even come out of his house to help you, to watch and learn what you are doing, or even to say "thank youyiu for your help." Sounds like a great friend, John.

  6. Man… your video style is really awesome! It’s just fun, but then you tie it all together with knowledge bombs 💣!!! Though, your definition of a lawn bomb differs from mine. I step in lawn bombs in the back yard all the time.

  7. I was waiting to see where the bulb planter came into play on the yard bomb 💣 … I brought you a permagreen so you didn’t have to stand around in the yard all day with a hose end sprayer…. when are we gonna see that bad boy In action ???

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