The Top 5 Motorcycle Close Calls Of May 2020

I have been using the Root Cause Analysis process to create After Action Reviews for you, the viewer. I explain a little bit of my previous training so you know …


  1. #4 "How about we don't go into people's blindspots!"

    This is so dumb. You can clearly see the car passing the rider and then deciding to cut him off without any warning. There was no issue with blindspots. If you are so out of it that you can't see the vehicles that you are passing then you should not be driving at all.

  2. You can't attribute the car coming into His lane to "Blind Spot" That car had to come past the rider to get in front. Therefore The driver had to know there was a motorcycle.

  3. I believe Dan is mistaken that the rider was going 31 mph. I believe the 1 is actually a 7, and at around 4:12, when he's passing the car entering the roadway from the right, I believe the speedo is reading 38 and, briefly, 39. As he starts breaking, you can clearly see 35, 34, 30, 29 and so on, so he was almost certainly not at 31 prior to breaking.

    Even at 39, that's not a whole lot faster than the posted speed limit of 35, but in situations like these, every bit counts, both in terms of the limits of visibility from both the rider and the driver crossing the lane, and the rider's ability to slow enough, quickly enough, to avoid an accident.

  4. the last one could have just let the car go, i would do that if i was in a car, let alone being on a bike where you are so much more vulnerable and do not have dominance on the road

  5. #4 yes the car slid over, but get the hell out of the blind spot, speed up or fall back. Went to court for hitting a CHP because he was in my blind spot LOL Court ruled that the CHP had enough time to pass or fall back but riding in the blind spot for the amount of time created the hazard Woot. I tapped him, he didn't fall down but he sure was pissed, and yes checked my mirror and looked over my shoulder, sometimes you cant see people that's just the way it is.

  6. I grew up in the country, spoken with a few farmers that do that. There excuse/reason is they don't want to break a spring from the edge being broken up by there huge farming equipment so drive in the centre.

  7. A note on number 4. The car is coming from behind. So they needed to see the bike when they approached him. With a higher speed because they overtake him. Now, do they use indicator to change line? This is what I call "memory driving". I see it all the time, people speeding on left lane, and when they see a pass beetwen cars near the place then they want to turn or get off the highway they just go. Like in that Family Guy scene "This is my exit, good luck everyone else". They didn't see the biker becuse when they were on far left line he it was obstructed by other cars.

  8. I dont disagree with you normaly Dan but the car in clip 4 over takes the bike the pulls in……..they must have seen the bike as they have just pass it…blind spot dont come into it….just poor drivin… love your videos..

  9. The first video is very familiar. People do this all the time on backroads around here. Even in my car I deal with people on the wrong side of the road. Especially when there are Amish buggies, and they just pass them on blind turns.

  10. The blind spot video: I live in the SF bay area and have to commute by car for my job but so often I'll see people filtering and they'll just sit in that particular position at speed, sometimes between two cars. When I'm on the bike I'll either drop back or accelerate temporarily to position myself out of those spots. That rider had a lot of space in every direction and he just sat there and was surprised when the car moved, which sadly seems to be the case with a lot of riders who think they have experience when they've just been on a long lucky streak.

  11. That last one, motion induced blindness. That's why I always swerve and wiggle my bike when Im driving on a road near parallel parked cars. Makes me feel like I have better chances to be seen

  12. "Swerve to the gap that is increasing." Great advice, wish I'd heeded it 27 years ago. But when you only have a second to decide and react, you do the best you can. RIP Concours.

  13. This guy is one of the best scams I've ever seen online. Using the firemen status to market himself. I hope no one pays for advice they could get for free. There's nothing he has said that you can't look up. It's common sense folks. Don't let the fancy terms win you over

  14. I like the subtle jab back at motojitsu when discussing the factors on the first ones, i watch greg, but honestly it seems like lately he thinks his shit dont stink. i really dont understand how he can say he doesn't see any value in this kind of thing.

  15. Any close call you can walk away from is a good one right? Well, maybe not always but it is good to see other perspectives and reactions and the breakdowns are great as always. Thanks Dan!

  16. Can’t really get pissed at someone for cutting you off if you ride in their blind spot, but you missed the fact that the whit SUV also didn’t signal their lane change, and that does justify getting pissed off.

  17. 12:44 Why did this vehicle cut us off?
    Because they're an idiot.
    How do you pass someone then cut them off and claim you didn't see the person you just passed?
    If they're not a complete ***** then they're distracted.
    Stay away from these people.

  18. The fourth video, I see this happen all the time with cars and bikes. You can see the motorcyclist sped up to not let the car in front. My speculation is that the car sped up in order to change lanes, the motorcyclist accelerated I cut off the car, so the car sped up again and changed lanes. Regardless the lack of turn signal use, it was clear the car wanted over, and it was also clear the motorcyclist sped up. I blame both parties for this.

  19. I am a Japanese girl living in Scotland.

    Just this week I was out on my 96ci Harley Street Bob (FXDB) to pick up some essential shopping.

    I was cruising along a dual carriageway at around 60mph well within the speed limit and as it's lockdown the roads were empty.

    Up ahead I saw an SUV stopped at the end of the slip road (kinda like an on ramp in the US).

    I thought, "How the hell have you managed to get in that position".

    No sooner had I thought that the SUV pulled out into my lane at 5mph and began accelerating slowly as I approached from behind at 60mph.

    I had to emergency brake and the crap Harley ABS kicked in, lots of tire smoke, the bike was bucking and kicking and wanting to veer off.

    I managed to hold the bike and it slowed to a matching speed of the SUV with inches to spare. My front wheel was an inch off the back bumper just as we both matched speeds and the SUV began to edge away.

    I am glad I went to the bathroom before I left home 😰😰

  20. I want to buy a motorbike 22 years after my crash. Seeing all your videos kind of scare me away from it. I don't know if my guardian angel will show up a second time.

  21. After watching so much motorcycle crash and close call content, I think what amazes me the most is that there is SO MUCH CONTENT on crashes and close calls. Holy crap! It's a wonder we don't all die tomorrow on our bikes! I guess because cameras are so much more prevalent these days we get to see the craziness, but wow! Daily holy shit moments from bikers all over the world!

  22. Great work as ever Dan, thank you 👍
    Personally I do not see the third video as a blindspot case. At the very start we see the car appear from behind us (where we would have been in their unobstructed field of view), very quickly come up alongside the motorcycle, edge slightly ahead, decelerate and match the bike's speed then start moving over. Bizarre driving leading up to the close call. Hence the driver must have known the bike was there and no wonder that the rider was peeved!

  23. With that last one, we're riding into a darkening sky, but maybe behind us it's brighter, making it more difficult for a car driver with tinted windows to notice us. Something to be aware of, especially in more severe instances, where we're really coming out of the sun.

  24. Unfortunately, on country side roads the truck's behaviour is way common than acceptable. I guess drivers get relaxed by lack of traffic and start cutting corners just because. Do this for some time and you get used to it and you start doing it all the time :/
    That's why in such situations, when approaching these kind of blind hills (min 2:10) I always horn twice by day, flash my lights several times at night.
    At least it can help to warn incoming (out of sight) traffic so they can correct path before hand and get back to his lane.

  25. I prefer these to the crashes.
    “Close calls”, “Near miss” or as a friend of mine says “near hits”.
    I like learning opportunity
    It takes two vehicles to have a collision. As a driver or rider we can only control our own actions.
    Ask, What could the rider do to reduce the risk and improve the outcome and lessen the likelihood of a collision. In the future.

  26. Brain Aneurism? Root Cause analysis?
    Just do what you do. 
    Direct Quote From other you tube guy. It is his choice how he feels about what someone else posts.
    Don’t worry about what anyone else say Or change because of it.

  27. 1st time Rider (2020) on two wheels.. no MSF course until June at the earliest.. but these videos has helped me be very aware of my surroundings as I learn.. thx @dandanthefireman

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