The Science of Cannabis: The Genetics of Cannabis Breeds

There is a rich informal taxonomy of Cannabis strains with exotic and evocative names. How do these breeds reflect the genetic relationships among different …


  1. This whole video is shit and really shady, Your info on genetics isn't even right and who refers to DNA as a bar code. Hope someone burns your headquarters down before you ruin something

  2. 56:40…. he answers "no." And is incorrect. Who's he to say there are no theories? Ya, HE hasn't any theories. I can come up with some! The man asking I'm sure has one of his own, thus the reason to ask the pondered question. YES. Yes cannabis has been recorded in agriculture in MOST early civilizations. Dating ALL the way back to ancient america. Pre Chinese america. Some stuff you never heard about. It was selectively bred by humans thousands of years. I would argue even most wild varieties are often the descendants of weed grown by ancient peoples. Many of those traits may be way deep in its DNA, but selective breeding can bring them out. And theres SO many good ones out there I figure it's a high likelyhood it is what it is now literally because of humans. Even the wild varieties have great desires traits deep within their dna, doesnt that suggest they were at one point thriving with those genetics? Idk. That's a theory tho! lol

  3. I would only add this guy needs to practice on his delivery and public speaking. A bit like having to sit through speech from high school by a student who is not enjoying giving it.

  4. wish you guys had a better version of this video.
    No subtitles and the disturbances really made it hard to hear this presentation

  5. look at the ยดยดdonau kulturยดยด. the first domesticated plants are found there, 40.000 years old. it was hemp and meen(??? ยดยดMohnยดยด in german).ist in hungary,germany and รถstereich(???,sry for my bad english)

  6. Super confusing speech. So many uhms and sos and ands that they distract from the material. The very unorganized material. This is done at a university, yeah?

  7. I think that they would have but some effort to research cannabis before 1960…
    Seems like a very narrow view. Some of the original land races are still out there. But if all your research is done with Google you would likely not realize that

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