The Role of Taxpayer Subsidies in the Obesity Epidemic

Why are U.S. taxpayers giving billions to support the likes of the sugar and livestock industries? And does this contribute to weight gain and obesity? Subscribe …


  1. There's also subsidization through the WIC program. Like food stamps, this program provides food for low income families with young children. However, the food provided is limited to specific foods and brands. For instance, you can get eggs, but if you choose to forgo eggs, then you just lose that food. You can substitute cow's milk with soy milk, however only sweetened brands are allowed. Dry breakfast cereal is another food provided, most of the options available are heavily processed and contain added sugar, fat & salt. For instance, frosted mini wheats are a program food, but regular shredded wheat is not. This program does provide some produce, but it's limited to $9 per young child per month.

  2. The government is complicit in the death toll of the public Shame on them and the big egg politics billion dollar Industry controls hospitals schools and funds gyms, its control is abusive relationship with the victim public who fall prey to diseases and is their side effect of business, since when does business justify the right to make their own interest superior the the destruction of lives? Public are slaves to that system. Free the public free the control of the organisations and protect the integrity of the rights of the public to be empowered with the truth and punish the corporations by taking them to court over the death toll caused by this insidiously controlling system. It's gone too far

  3. Would it really hurt to say "vegetable oils" instead of just "oils". When discussing how terrible snacks, chips, cookies, and crackers are, why not remind everyone that these are vegetable products. The slide showing the 38% increase in "fats and oil" consumption is almost totally vegetable oils. enjoy.

  4. There's a new article investigation out today in an American mainsteam media. Meat and poultry workers have higher rates of illness. In the context of not eating meat, it could be ethical to stop eating meat because of the workers getting sick.

  5. This is corporate welfare. The best cure for the obesity epidemic is to think about American politics…both sides make me lose my appetite.

  6. No thanks to Sonny Purdue, the Agiculture will be receiving $19 Billions because of the COVID19. They(USDA) will buy the milk surplus from farmer, which correct me if wrong,"we" trying to put to a complete halt.

  7. Thank you for being a beacon of fact & wholeness – I have been aware of these issues & attempting to tell people in a manner that is far less eloquent than this video. Bless you

  8. How are SNAP benefits approved for soda, chips, and candies. Not much nutrition in these products. Actually, they could be considered poison. We are screwed!

  9. How about the tobacco industry? Smokers are just a heavy burden as the fatters. I'd rather my tax dollars go to obese people over the smokers who harm everyone within a full block away with their nasty smoke.

  10. US Healthcare is the most expensive with some of the poorest outcomes in the world.
    Reasonable that citizens would be motivated to take Very good care of themselves, but they Don’t.
    Manipulated by processors who are pigs at public tax trough.

  11. Dr. Greger, you might consider going with a matte finish on your glasses for these videos so it doesn't reflect the green screen on your glasses.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this out there. At some point, more people will become interested in how they got to where they are. Videos like this will help educate them and allow them to make more informed decisions.

  12. I believe affordable healthcare is a right- that UNDENIABLY means access to affordable healthy foods! I personally plan on literally helping tackle this issue and making change. The fact that we fund our demise this way is not ok.

  13. Dr, I love the green shirt so glad you are going green. World reset and see we are going in with all guns blazing. Dr you are going to cause a real food revolution. ♥️🇿🇦♥️✔️👍😁 You are amazing Dr! I have your book.

  14. This has been well known for years. Government subsidies are not necessarily a bad thing, like when the are used for disaster relief (like our current situation) or in cases where they are needed to prevent over reliance on foreign markets for goods. We don't want to end up having to completely import critical crops because there is no domestic production capacity, especially when global supply chains are disrupted like they are now. Beyond that, governments should not be picking winners and losers.
    This is touchy subject in many ways. Removing these subsidies could be seen as punishing the poor, who often do not have the time or money to prep fresh and nutritional meals everyday and rely on cheap calories to survive. But it's obvious, based on this data, that something needs to be done. I think there is an economic case to be made on why these policies are bad

    Also, just my guess here, i think a lot of the rise in fruit/veg can be explained by the rise in organic crop production and an expansion in the variety of fruits/veg available in your local market. Organic farming is less productive and more labor intensive, and all the exotic fruits/veg have associated shipping costs.

  15. It's important to recognize the difference between a currency issuer – like the US federal government – and currency users – like state and local governments, businesses and households. Only the former creates the currency. Federal taxpayer money removes dollars from the economy in ways that impact taxpayer behavior. Congress subsidizes the obesity epidemic when they pass the federal budget.

  16. I gain weight Every time I try to GO vegan. I mean immediately! So….. there is little incentive to continue. I don’t eat meat but I do eat dairy and whey. What’s going on? I do eat fruit … anyway just wondering. I do a shake that I call my Gbomb shake.

  17. Jeez another fat people video. When will they stop? Dr Greyer has become the fat people doctor. His next book should be called "for all my fat people".

  18. Since when have tax payers ever had a say in where their taxes go toward? Tax money is wasted and goes to multiple immoral industries. Taxation is theft = fact! People allow it to happen. The governments job is to serve the people and protect our rights but the people want them to be their master. If you want it to change the people need to rise up in a critical mass. The government isn't going to unf*ck itself.

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