The Most Powerful Families Who Secretly Run The World?

Who are the secret billionaires that run the world? In today’s educational animated cartoon we look at the world’s most wealthy and powerful families.


  1. Rothschilds are one of the 13 Bloodlines of Cain they are luciferian they worship Lucifer and his demon generals … The Rothschilds are at the head of the Illuminati hierarchy it is said that when they sit down for dinner that Satan sets of the head of the table and they even make a plate for him

  2. This is all bs.
    Roths finances both sides of all wars.
    Further, they aren't even CLOSE to being one of the 13 families.
    Napoleon was part of the roths cabal.
    All sides of all wars were in cahoots to the detriment of OUR young servicemen and women, and millions of civilians.
    Leaders, who are at war give each other mason handshakes.
    Thru all wars after the 1950's, somehow we all hold peace for antarctica,and no regular folk are allowed there?..except on a tour of one tiny spot??
    Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the Illuminati

    House of Borja

    House of Breakspeare

    House of Somaglia

    House of Orsini

    House of Conti

    House of Chigi

    House of Colonna

    House of Farnese

    House of Medici

    House of Gaetani

    House of Pamphili

    House of Este

    House of Aldobrandini

  3. The rothschilds are so rich and powerful they dont have to pay you to lie because they media so long they wrote history only unable to write out their most profitable schemes like war profiteering. If they were so charitable the world would be better off. It doesn't look like their charitable contributions were that charitable historically. World history would suggest different than public knowledge of family history.

  4. The first time I hear conspiracy theory I move on from the videos who are you guys to say what a conspiracy theory is and who and what these people are doing so stop using that f**** word

  5. Ezekiel 5:16 |
    When I shall send upon them the evil arrows ♻️of famine, which shall be for their destruction, and which I will send to destroy you: and I will increase the famine upon you, and 👉will break your staff of bread: 💰💰 ..🔚🔜

  6. Long time viewer long time enjoyer of your work. I disliked this video because you over simplfyed each family's structure as well as how they got the start to power. 95% right is still right though.

  7. If you can't handle this kind of information don't watch it. You also don't go around and lookout for dead corpses or so because YOU would NOT be able to handle that.
    Or are you an activist against these families? Then, and only then go for it!
    There are videos which fit your developmental stage much much better, like the ones on my channel. Welcome

  8. Does someone now the name of the 40 most powerful people of the elit, there is a close circle of 40 that are the most powerful of the elit as far as I know and I only now the name of 1 that maybye is the most powerful of all but I not sure and I want to know about the other names especially of 3 that as far as I know are the most young

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