The Effects of Marijuana During your Spiritual Awakening

The effects of marijuana during your spiritual awakening In this video I discuss my personal experiences with marijuana during my spiritual awakening. I share …


  1. I have smoked cannabis since the age of 13 im now 46 i feel i have taken all i can from it but im struggling to stay stopped to the point of depression now. Any suggestions or help from anyone would be much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for your honesty on this topic. I microdose on occasion as well and it does help me release resistance. I really believe it depends on the person. When it no longer helps I will stop.

  3. Hey man also an empath since i was a kid , but smoking weed lowers my vibration always makes me feel down , low confused , I barely dream anymore any help ? I feel my my spirit wants me to be sober but i cant seem too

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