The best cartridge in the world, here's why. (2019)

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  1. i’ve been smoking raw garden cartridges for 8 months now and i would say it’s one of the best carts to buy but after smoking 1g cartridge every 3 days. It doesn’t do shit no more.

  2. I can't wait for New York State be able to purchase I can't wait for dispensaries to open in New York how much longer do I have to wait I'm sick of this black market shit……

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  4. Hey man, look up the link on your Raw Garden carts for test results. The thc in it is Delta 9 which is not live resin. They’re taking “live resin”(lower branches and stuff that is not the highest of quality or bho level of quality material) and distilling/“refining” the oil and then readding the materials terps to it. If it was truly live resin it would have a high percentage of thca in the test results; which I if remember right it showed none detected (ND) on the results for the carts I picked up.

  5. In your experience what is the best battery to use with Raw Garden , I currently have the Alpine variable adjustment battery I really like this one I feel like the CCEL is preset to high in my opinion. I’ve also used other random ones but I really want to smoke my Raw Carts with the best battery possible? Thank you I love your vids I only smoke Raw Carts Keep up the Informational Vids 🙏🏽

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