The 2020 Garden Of Weeden || How To Make Seed Sprouted Teas || April 15

Follow Me On Instagram At……..Kaligrownbudz I am a legal California cannabis patient and this is my medicine. This video is for 18+ adults and is for educational …


  1. I'm having a hard time germinating my alfalfa seeds. I had them in a jar of water for about 2 days, drained them today. Now they are sitting in the jar over a strainer in a dark warm place, shouldn't they be sprouting their taproots in a day or two, maybe less??

  2. Hey bro can you add all three together in 10 gallons or is it 10gallons for each big ups all the way from Aotearoa(NZ) wicked vids bro 🤙🏾👍

  3. Quick question homeboy, I’m trying to spout my corn seeds, it’s been a week with no luck, do I need to poke holes in the lid for airflow, that’s the only thing I can think of, thanks bro, appreciate you.

  4. Weed on natural Súper steroid on that route your adding auxins, cytokinins, triacontanol enzyme phytohormones and gibberellins In very natural positive way, foliar feed them and they will love it you mist be growing roots like my finger toes

  5. Love your channel bro. Would using a juicer work as good or better then blending the sprouts. And when do you use the mung beans? When it’s flower time or do you not use them anymore. Thanks

  6. Hi Mate, love what yr doing with the channel. Amazing results! you're influencing the globe bro. A question about the corn- are popcorn Kernels from the supermarket ok? not the frozen ones the ones you pop yourself. do you know if they will sprout? I'm from the land downunder our laws are not as progressive as yours, unfortunately.

  7. Broski I had to watch this video. My dumbass left it in water and rinsed but it was already the rotten stink of pig shit by time I realized how wrong I did it 😂🤣. Happy growin homey. Gunna check your new stuff later today.

  8. How many pounds of each grain do you sprout and how big are those mason jars ? How much total water do you add to this to water your plants with ? Thanks !

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