1. I wish jakob wasnt put in the spotlight so much, and if he was truly going to be great like his competition, mostly form Afrcia, he needs to live a simple life. I live in AMerica and run and am amazed at Jakob's talent and success, but know as a fact hell never be the gold medal world champion with all this media attention!!!

  2. you guys are great team and great runners …… However can never be able to become world champion with that training. Must change the basic training routine to change to effective running form to create more energy. Your training format increasing super high VO2max level, but only VO2max can't make you win the world championships. I wish I could coach you guys……

  3. Really cool stuff, a great team effort! My grandfather's brother was married to an Ingebrightsen, so I wonder how common the name is (perhaps related?) 👍

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