1. So do you still use this or did you get rid of it? It’s been awhile since this video so I’m just trying to figure out if their product has gotten any better before I buy.

  2. Im confused….so with nothing in the machine it gave a reading of 1.4% ? Dosnt the device give an accuracy of +/- 3% anyway ? So in theory it was off by only 1.4% Can you please make another video of an actual lab graded sample and then compare that with this device ? Thanks for the video anyway. I 👍
    ✌ 😊 ✝ ❤

  3. I thought this was just a hater. So I bought one. WITH the expansion kit. It’s absolute GARBAGE and Tcheck misrepresents the product even in their own app. The videos they link for the “help” show a completely different UI than the real one and they lead you to believe you can check things it flat out will not do. I’m currently working out a refund for mine. If they give me any trouble on that, I’ll let you all know. But my advice is, STAY AWAY FROM THIS EXPENSIVE POS. It’s readings are not trustworthy or accurate either. It’s truly useless.

  4. If you’re looking for home testing options, stay away from the tCheck 2!
    I wrote this review & I’m leaving it everywhere 😘

    I was so excited for this product!
    Super cute, easy to use, informative app with high quality instructional videos.

    Imagine my disappointment when I realized how wildly inaccurate it is 😞

    I had follow up testing done on both flower and concentrates at a licensed dispensary. Unfortunately the 1.5mg/ml for infusions and 3% for flower margin of accuracy provided is a pipe dream (not the good kind). In actuality closer to 20mg/ml and 15%.

    Of course the turn around time for dispensary testing puts me far outside the 60 day return limit.
    Their customer service has been prompt, however completely unhelpful and pretty defensive.

    I’m the proud new owner of a $387 paper weight. But boy is it cute!
    If you’d like a matching one get yours today!

  5. I didn't put the sample in, you can no slide, nothing to test but it gave a Radom result, all my other tests were all the same results, if I selected decarbed it got same results and so on, but in this case there was nothing in machine ….. It happened several times . Not worth a penny. It wasn't my machine so didn't return it just confirmed I would never waste my money on it…

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