string trimmer weed eater coil test & replace

In this video we will test a coil & replace it on a string trimmer weed eater. Keep it real & clean. Fan Mail kevinrobinson6688 P.O.Box 123 Bobtown,PA …


  1. My yard equipment always starts because I put it to bed, correctly. FirstI use PNE(premium, non ethanol gas)gas, run them dry in the fall and hang them up in the shop for the winter. Then, in the spring I just fill them up with new two cycle, prime them up and crank them. Usually in just several pulls. Folks that leave them filled with ethanol gas and outside for the winter are just asking for trouble. I always check spark with my spark checker, after pulling the kill wire from the coil.

  2. Really enjoyed your video 📹 thanks. What a genuine good guy, one of a kind. All the best from Ireland 🇮🇪 muchas gracias amigo ✈️. Simply the best. Liam kilkee clare ireland 🍀 🚜 🚙. 😍🚁

  3. TIP 1: place rubber spark plug cover on wire BEFORE you put metal tip on. Lube wire lightly and slide rubber cap into place

    TIP 2: place rubber spark plug cover in hot water for a few minutes and it will be much easier to fit over metal tip.

  4. Why don't you try to rebuild it? The parts you would need are they very expensive or is it's still not worth it either? Maybe you already have the parts to rebuild it. I would like to see you rebuild it.

  5. This is the most bush-league repair I have ever seen in my life as a small engine technician for 33 years. this guy is nothing but a backyard joke .I could have had that engine diagnose in less than 30 seconds. who the hell cleans a spark plug.
    sad that these guys exist on the internet but then all you people who watch these idiots end up in my shop and getting it repaired properly

  6. I've never held the fuel lever down to start my echo. First start after winter. Leave in off..pull a few times, prime. Turn to start on cold start. Pull till it pops then move it up to run…then it will fire

  7. I'm giving you a 👍for your tenacity. You did double work sometimes. I would not have put the covers off an on as many times. Can you use a meter to check output of coil? Anyway thanks for the breakdown.

  8. I guess that since the pickup is integral with the coil there is no way to test the coil with a voltmeter. You could test the high side resistance but not the low side? Don't use the voltmeter to test for spark even if "certain" that there is none. Not sure that cleaning the magnets and pickup does anything since the magnetic circuit doesn't care about that crap. But WTF?

  9. Hello. Thanks for the video.
    My problem is that the fuel filter line is disconnected inside the gaz basket. How can I attach it again? I can’t get my fingers inside the gaz basket to reattach it

  10. The gap between the iron core “feet” of the coil, and the magnets embedded in the flywheel isn’t critical, as there is never contact between them. (unlike ignition points for example). Most small engine guys just use a buisness card to create the gap when retightening the coil down. No need to measure with feeler gauges.

  11. My 225 Lite Husqvarna was a beast. When it quit, I checked spark, good, I checked compression, also good. I checked fuel, also good. Only thing left was the mixture of air and fuel, which will be known when I get done rebuilding the carb. I believe it's pulling air like a car with a vacuum leak. Good video for the DYI.

  12. The spark plug has 1KΩ-5ΚΩ resistance. Never check the spark plug… with a multi purpose wrench decause it has zero Ω resistance. If your coil was good then with your wrench test…then burned

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