Stocks dive in wake of earnings from tech giants

BMO Capital Markets Chief Investment Strategist Brian Belski joins Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith to discuss earnings and projections in the wake of the …


  1. 30 million unemployed and this guy shrugs. Open all you want but no one with any common sense is going back until it’s safe. This guy says we should take health risks as he streams from his house. Gtfo

  2. The economy should only be restarted when we all have PPE that is effective in preventing COVID 19 transmission. We should be able to buy a kit for less than $8 at all convenience stores and supermarkets that has: safety glasses; a N95 mask with an exhaust valve and secondary N95 “pillow filter” or additional surgical mask over the valve, and; a pair of gloves infused with persistent disinfectant to stop touch transfer of virus. Workers exposed to the public/virus for extended periods must have half-face respirators with both inflow and exhaust P100 filters in addition to goggles and bunny suits or gowns to protect their head and clothing.

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