Solid Biotech Stocks Ready to SpaceX in 2021: Vaxart, iBio, Inovio Pharmaceuticals & Skye Bioscience

In this video, I share with you solid gem #stocks #growth #value plays ready to have massive bull runs. My deep-dive analysis involves Vaxart (VXRT), iBio (IBIO) …


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  2. Okkkkkk………ti choose the top 10 biotech where ti invest…..
    IBIO, Ino, VXRT…..then?…..the other 7 could be…..AGEN, BNGO, OCUGEN….COULD WE ADD …
    Other your ideas for last four?????

  3. Agenus ticker symbol AGEN could be breaking out soon. They’re currently in negotiations with multiple business partners that could result in a large upfront cash payment along with royalties and milestones agreements.

    Agenus is an immuno-therapy clinical stage company but they also produce vaccines and cell therapy (INKT’S), through their subsidiary company Agentus.

    They have the most powerful adjuvant (QS-21 stimulon) on the market. Not to be confused with the other QS-21 that’s out there. Theirs is more potent. QS-21 stimulon is basically an ingredient that increases the efficacy of a vaccine/drug.

    Their main product and near future revenue generators are their PD-1 and CTLA-4 CPMS. They recently filed a BLA for their PD-1 molecule in second line cervical cancer. Projected revenue for the drugs will be around ~165M for domestic sales only. They’re also on track for a BLA filing with their PD-1 and CTLA-4 in combination for the same indication. Agenus’s PD-1 is either as effective or better than the leading brand out their which is keytruda (in second line CC). More importantly, Agens PD-1 works for both PD-L1 positive AND negative tumors. Keytruda’s doesn’t. So it’s technically fair to say that Agens PD-1 is better.

    They have partnered with a chinese pharma company called Betta pharmaceuticals for international rights in greater China. Agenus will be receiving milestone and royalty payments accordingly. Global expansion of these two drugs will yield higher revenue. The company is also looking into partnering in Europe. Projected domestic and international revenue could be significantly higher than the ~165m I quoted for domestic sales.

    However, the most exciting molecule they have could be a potential multi blockbuster which is their next generation CTLA-4 1181. This is what most investors are banking on. It’s currently in phase 2. It was generating partial and complete responses in phase 1 which is very promising ‘cause phase 1 is administered in low dosage to monitor toxicity levels and showing very promising results. Ctla-4 is notorious for being toxic but agenus has manufactured a version that has sustained tolerable toxicity levels. This is huge.

    Agenus will soon bring into the clinic the only tigit bispecific out there. There’s plenty of hype and anticipation for that one.

    I believe they have 10 CPMS in the clinic and somewhere around 10 in preclinical. They have partnerships with GILEAD, MERCK, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, INCYTE AND BETTA PHARMACEUTICALS.

    Finally, they have a clinical trial with their INKT cell therapy that’s showing positive signs in patients with severe symptoms from COVID-19. So far, 3 out of 4 patients have been extubated (taken off ventilators) within 24 hours. This is a big deal. These trials have been running a little slow but they’re expecting additional clinical data soon. If they get similar results or better (in a larger group) this time around, this may be what the stock needs to completely break out of its resistance level. And as you all know, anything covid related investors jump on.

    There’s a lot more to the company but this was a quick breakdown. GLTALS!!

  4. Oh this is great I’m going to actually send this to my friend Britney she has a VXRT she likes that company and that type of therapy. She knows a lot about the company and the therapy it provides

  5. I hope one day we can see all these companies explode and see dozens of videos on YouTube to buy these stocks now and read all the comments about how great these companies are. 😎

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  7. Great Danny , Q4 FY 2021 for Ibio means ( April, may and june) , Tom said Toxicology result will be releasd in early Q4 FY 2021.
    I do believe next month we should have some update.

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