Social Media Censors as Food Shortages Begin

As the food supply chain goes critical and meat shortages begin, Twitter is now censoring “conspiracy theory” about food shortages. This underscores the reality …


  1. As wicked as the rising totalitarian beast system is, sometimes I wonder if there are times when censorship is responsible. I understand the need for free speech and freedom of the press (both of which are gone). However, when do we say that preventing panic is healthy? If I was Amish, living in total ignorance, I’d possibly be better off. What do you guys think?



    Celeste Solum is in the hospital for sharing this! Please join me in praying for her! 

    Or keep not realizing what’s going on and end up in solitary confinement for refusing the 666 (Patent #) Hydrogel vaccine that destroys DNA‬

  3. I bet if Twitter was around in the 1950’s they would have censored anyone who said cigarettes weren’t healthy (because it would have been contradictory to what the CDC said at the time… which was that they were totally safe)

  4. Dam we will have to break away from this garbage society and let it fall and fail under the weight of its own corruption. The mainstream media,science and thoughts who feel that they have ownership over us. The only way is to find our way out of this Babylon and just let Babylon fall. You better believe that garbage they are making in the lab is the worst shit for you and is ment to further dumb you down and poison you. The satanic elite are the only ones aloud to live forever so they can continue their oppressive rain on everyone else

  5. Hate to break it to you all.. But you're gonna have to grow some balls and actually get behind your words with actions, or continue to take it up the ass. Bullies don't stop, until you bloody their nose.

  6. The virus is a hoax. They the very elite Soros Bill Gates Fauci and other more so Bill Gates. In 2015 Gates and Fauci said that there would be a bad virus unleashed. How would they know this. They want world dominance the vaccine they talking about will have nanotechnology in it to track you and that vaccine will be deadly and make many people sick and die when they turn on 5 G. It’s coming you better get ready

  7. It amazes me that this “sea of death”, the bondage and slaughter of other beings, hasn’t been investigated by most humans as one of the major causes of their own internal, physiological “sea of death” as they inefficiently digest corpses (regardless of whether they are cows, mice or whatever). The “slaughtered-animal” industry is amongst the top contributors to the sixth mass life extinction through its inseparable demand for, and production of, methane and other harmful gases. It’s unfortunate that we had to see change happen this wastefully, but we can now acknowledge the UN’s revelation of how a vegan lifestyle and diet would mitigate climate collapse. Satellite images show our Earth having a rest and perhaps recovering enough to support any life that remains.

  8. hmmm trying to be sneaky youtube after all as soon as I subscribe you ask me if want to unsubscribe and you cant deny it when I only clicked once but yet you acted like I clicked twice @Ice Age Farmer

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