Six Signs of a Bad Therapist (Counselor / Mental Health Clinician)

This video covers six signs of a bad therapist (or really six signs of a less-than-ideal counselor). I’m using the word counselor here not necessarily to refer to a …


  1. Another sign is if you are in an office with the therapist and you look at him to see him admiring a very sharp knife and his eyes slowly look at you with obvious evil thinking.

  2. Not sure if you've done a video on this yet but could you make one explaining what qualifies a disorder as a "disorder" and what a disorder really is vs how it is often misconceived? And maybe on how to diagnose properly so you know if your therapist is misdiagnosing you? Thanks, Doc!

  3. I'm not sure if this is a problem anyone else has ever had, but… Just staring at you and writing down things, but never saying anything unless prompted. If I wanted to just vent, I have friends and stuffed animals. I went to speak to a counselor.

  4. Once I had a nurse assigned to mental problems (first stage into other better programs…..) who I told I have serious trust issues, only to have my sedatives ordered to be lowered in almost lethal speed where I tried to find common ground that I can't drop 3-4mg alprazolam to nothing in 2 WEEKS…. and when she noticed I wanted other opinion she decided to make her words approved by this high medical chief doctor of our county as his words, where they were HER words just approved by him without READING THE REPORT AT ALL….. dad had to make a phone call and ask that is dropping so tough medicine + dosage so quickly actually good thing, as he assigned me to get better help from the 10km at the center of my town. I've heard multiple such total breaks of trust of that medical "professional". It felt very toxic + I can very easily see someone react to that way worse… Oh yeah and with new aid and with 9 months plan I'm currently on 30% of my former dosage, but no thanks to this person, other nurse….

  5. Here’s another one… Same doctor… I do not drive, everyone on the road should be pleased about this because I have terrible eyesight

    Unfortunately sometimes if I start out having a ride to epic take Euler appointment something might come up on my end or on the end of the person giving me the ride to where I have to call and cancel whatever it was that I was going to be attending

    So here it was, I was supposed to go see a counselor Dr. dude on a Saturday afternoon… Friend of mine who is going to give me a ride had to cancel because something had come up involving their child who had taken ill unexpectedly… Not a big deal I figured I would just call and explain and so I did

    I said I am sorry I’m going to have to change the time of our session I was just notified that the person giving me the ride is not able to do this because of a sudden illness so I need to reschedule

    I understand I did not give 24 hours notice which is the polite thing to do or the required thing to do depending on your insurance and their policies and whatever but there was nothing else to be done for it…

    He’s an asked well can you come in for a couple of minutes? And this is where I about lost my mind right here I was thinking to myself dude if I could rotate some tires in the direction of your office to come see you for a couple of minutes I surely could stay for the whole session but you see that’s not the thing that’s happening today I think it is happening today is no tires anywhere in my sanity are going to be rotating anywhere in the direction of your office, anywhere else… It’s not happening I just want to reschedule please

  6. I had a counselor that would answer their cell phone during my session with them

    Granted, he had to come from out of town to where he had a small office a couple of times a week and usually he seem like he was talking to you on his cell phone was somebody at his regular doctor place but he would talk about other patients during the time we were supposed to be talking about my difficulties… I didn’t think people like that were supposed to answer their cell phone when they are having a session with a client is called leave a voicemail and they will get back to you or something

  7. I had a counselor that on my first session I was very combative with (I was 11 and going through a lot). Every session after that, he would just sit in silence if I didn't talk to him. And I never did. Full hour… That my mom paid for… I was actively suicidal… Thinking back on it, all I do is cringe.

  8. Not being able to find them at any phone number but they answer their cell phone five times to talk during your first session. That was also my last session. She also wanted to put me on anti depressants even though I went there because of my add and anxiety

  9. I can’t really put my finer on it I really don’t want to continue with my therapist but I feel like it’s not personal and it’s on the phone. Someone drop some advice

  10. Do you think my therapist is bad? I just seen them for the first time and they said, since my husband is 7 years older than me, they said why couldn't they find someone their own age? Why is he with you? Does he like younger girls? He then talked about his daughter wanting to date an older guy. He said there is something wrong if you're wanting to date someone that much older. I really don't wanna have to switch therapists because I don't want to hurt his feelings. But I don't want a bad therapist either. He also said it's not my place to drop off my step son at his mom's when he has to go back.

  11. Tbh, as a client, I don’t care about most of these points. However…
    The biggest problem I’ve encountered is the therapist being a voyeur, or wanting details of a situation that aren’t relevant, for their own entertainment. I have had an interesting and unusual life. It’s also complicated to sort out. I’ve had multiple therapists I’ve thought were being entertained by my stories rather than trying to sort through what’s going on in order to help. The main culprit was male (a former abusive relationship was a side issue to the actual problem but he was way too interested in details in a creepy way), but it has happened with a female therapist as well.

  12. I've only ever had one bad experience with a psychiatrist. Within ten minutes of talking to him, he had diagnosed me as being bi-polar, wrote out a script for lithium for me and sent me on my way. I was totally thrown and quite shocked by his lack of professionalism. I left, threw the script in the bin and never returned. (For the record I suffer from major depressive disorder.)

  13. I met some people who has no idea what they were talking about, I don't know how dare they went out to help people before they resolve their own problems.

    A qualified therapist is very rare nowadays. most of the time I just do some Jordan Peterson and other psychiatrist video by myself and try to find some valid solution for me, which I found more effective than all my past experience combined.

  14. Out where I live, there all terrible and usually are rules 3,4 and 5.
    I know I have some serious mental health issues or illness and it’s hard to get the right diagnoses because the people I’m dealing with are just not good or knowledgeable enough. Maybe it’s a regional thing, I honestly don’t know but for myself it’s difficult to get help and when every week they change my diagnosis or I have start over with new people

  15. There was a counselor for Ben Stiller in the movie "Something About Mary". If you know the scene, that was a BAD counselor! I thank the listener who brought up this topic. Thanks, Dr. for another interesting video.

  16. I had a provider who worked w/ me for a few years he was great. I went through a bad provider who wasn’t a fit. At the end of treatment we went to a bar to celebrate one drink. I don’t see anything wrong with it, maybe there are some ethical issues w/ it but whatever. This guy gave me free “pro bono” treatment when I was in need. Bless him!

  17. 1 of my Therapist Shamed me for being a Sex Worker back then & also Comparing me to his Mother saying she had a hard Life also but never Resorted to Sex Work like I did bck then. He also Explained to me that 2 urs after Therapy has Ended we were allowed to have any type of Relationship we would have wanted. I never asked him this but he willingly mentioned it. We had 1 Hell of a Toxic Therapist Patient Relationsjip but I take my Share of Blame for Being Codependent & having stayed in that Toxic Relationship while paying for it also. Talk about Low Self Esteem.

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