Single Father Shares Touching Story & HUGE Projection of Sales In USA | Shark Tank AUS

As the market for Eco-friendly products continues to bloom, single father Omid Rad enters the Tank seeking $175K for a return equity stake of 7.5%. Intelliweed …


  1. I don’t know what it is but if I ever had a product that needs distribution I would take Andrew on in a second . Guy just seems like such a smooth operator .

  2. Ok but if you have to bend down and prick the weed why not just pull it out. They invented sprayers cause people are lazy. If you are gonna do the work why wait days for the weed to die then you would probably then again bend down and pull it because then you have dead weeds everywhere. I get where his heart is at but it's actually complicating something simple. And if you are lazy just use the sprayer.

  3. Yeah it would be great if all of your plants and weeds were at chest level. His device needs to be on a rod/stick so you aren't constantly bending over. Arthritis isn't just in your fingers, it's in my spine, neck, fingers, knees, etc… That would kill my back to have to keep bending over.

  4. Janine doesn't want her hands this close to poison. He literally said that this product exactly prevents that; and that there is no "poison" inside. FFS how thick-headed can she be?

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