Should You Tell Your Employer About Your Mental Health Diagnosis?

In this video, I talk about whether or not you should disclose your mental health diagnosis to your employer. I also provide some tips for doing so. Patreon: Help …


  1. My biggest fear was telling my employer about me having schizophrenia, I told them today and nothing happened. I didn't even need a fit for work from a psychiatrist or GP as I had already started working.

    My position is the sole electrician at a small hospital.

  2. I lost my dream job at LKQ Pick Your Part due to this exactly. I had a boss that asked me about my anxiety one day in which I came clean about it which triggered a severe episode and a bout of psychosis afterward. They fired me because of such, labeled me a threat and completely ruined my joy for cars and being around people. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. I just wish that people understood what mental health is and how people can try to help others instead of just do away with them.

  3. My home is kind of a very toxic place because my dad complains that i don't have a job because i always ask him for food n stuff, but i feel very ashamed because it is much harder for a person like me with mental illness such as chronic insomnia, social anxiety, intrusive negative thoughts, suicidal ideation etc etc. I want to be brave and truthful to my future manager and employer about my mental/physical disabilities/illnesses period and prove to my dad that I am trying.

  4. Never disclose your mental health status at work. They will just view you as crazy and plan your termination, especially if it's something like schizophrenia. Maybe you can get away with it if you are White, but a Black man better not.

  5. No one knew at work. Would've made matters even worse (was that even possible?) Got fired at every long-term job I've ever done. Total recluse here. Work has become impossible. Can't stand being around people anymore (stress, stress, stress). Zero friends since end of 1999. A relationship, what's that? Frequent dark, disturbing & extreme thoughts and fantasies. Even make me sick to my stomach sometimes. Probably best I self-isolate. Consider myself to be a ghoul. Outlets for inner demons and for stress-relief: music, comedy, ASMR, dogs, sick horrormovies/video clips.

  6. I certainly did that with potential employers as I was trying to find part time work to supplement my SS income. There was really no way to honestly evade the issue, or put it off until (like Americans with Disabilities rights organization told me) an offer of employment was made. If you look on the most common blue collar jobs applications, it is stated 'Any falsified statements OR omission of facts is grounds for REFUSAL to hire OR termination of employment upon discovery. When i found myself trying to explain periods of unemployment on the job aps and during initial interviews, there was no way to avoid telling them #1 I was hospitalized for this period of time and #2 I received ECT treatments (Electric Convulsive Therapy) and the doctor told me that I could NOT work during the months that I went in for these regular treatments. Four employers flat out told me that they would NOT hire me for that reason, even though at the time, I had NO physical limitations that would prevent me from preforming the basic essential tasks at that time AND I was NOT a raving lunatic, with a violent, destructive history (according to their conjecture and misunderstanding of mental illness as a whole). When I brought this to the attention of Americans with Disabilities, they didn't care. They showed NO interest in helping me or in seeing to it that these employers were reprimanded for CLEARLY violating the law. As a result, they got off scottfree with discriminating against me.

  7. I missed two consecutive days without calling in (warrants immediate termination); had a bad manic episode. In this case I had no choice but to be honest about my mental illness. My boss understood and encouraged me to seek help. I thought going to a psychiatrist was the least I could do not only for myself but for my boss who let keep my job & so I did. I'm doing a lot better now 😀

  8. i told my employers that i had schizophrenia and i got too paranoid and quit. you can tell your employers that you do have a mental condition but it could come at a cost of being too paranoid. i currently can't work due to schizophrenia; if you have this problem please get a lawyer if you have to.

  9. I have soooo much paranoia around this. My last return to work clearance note was from my psychiatrist and now they know leave was due to mental health. Mind you, they advocate to take care of your mental health in my field (early childhood education) but when you need leave…. It's suddenly a burden. So I still have alot of paranoia around it but because I do, I told my coworkers, not my boss so if they see I'm going awry , they can let me know if and when I need to take absence

  10. I just got pushed out the door and forced to resign from my job. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and CPTSD. I had everything under control until one day where I wasn't performing as well. My employer said to me " this is not like you to act this way, you need to tell me whats going on". I said there's nothings wrong, then my employer said to me "You absolutely fucked up " I started to cry and I told her I have a mental health condition.

  11. I am from the Philippines, and currently suffering from Mixed Anxiety-depression disorder. I don't know if it mental illness is widely accepted in my country. But my struggles and attacks are frequent now a days due to the Covid epidemic and uncertainty. I am afraid to loose my job, but my mental health is now compromised and I don't if I should disclose it.

  12. It’s even harder without having a definitive diagnosis to point to 🙁 I experience psychosis but I don’t have schizophrenia or schizo-affective. I don’t have bipolar disorder either. Why does it happen to me… none of my doctors know.

  13. I've told my store manager about my feelings and about myself. I have major anxiety issues and social anxiety. She's very supportive and leaves me alone. It doesn't hurt my work performance but my issue is speaking to ppl and having communication. I'm working on it and I told her how I reached out to a therapist to help me. I know she understands

  14. I have gone through life losing jobs but would never dream of mentioning my mental health problems to anyone. In the UK you are better of working in NHS or other non-profit organisation

  15. I suffer from OCD and I told my employer about it. Honestly, I didn't even think twice about it, it just came up in casual conversation. But then one day when I made a report to HR about something that had happened, she blamed it on my disorder instead of actually thinking about what me (and others) were saying. I was crushed…

  16. If they couldn't tell u had a mental illness until seeing the label on the Dr's note then their reasoning for u being incapable for performing is invalid. In my position at work there's no such thing as HIPPA b/c I think they can pretty much find out anything and everything about u through alternative means. I have disclosed my health to a few coworkers openly, but still feel extremely awkward around the whole office b/c I feel like everybody knows. Sometimes it's good, but most of the time it is EXTREMELY tense. I've surprised myself I lasted this long.

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