1. Why aren't you so popular because this i have no words with its so beautiful and so are all your other songs keep ot up 😀

  2. They did her dirty In her promo interview giving her a Milk edit. Then giving us a young innocent queen on the show. I think she has a career ahead of her. It’s definitely more gender bent Lolita than “traditional” drag but I’m all for it,

  3. Most original RPDR Qween EVERRRRR!!!! ILYSM! You remind me of me when I was a wee teen. But you're way more talented and beautiful and brave then I ever was! Xoxox

  4. What I like about Scaredy's music is the quotable and poignant lyrics: "And anyone who / Says that we can’t do / All that we want to / Can drown in glue " Well, they can. Well done, y'all.

  5. Feel the same with my partner during this quarantine. Very cute song, even if it's obvisously less prepared than your previous ones, it has a "stay indoors" feeling and makes me want to chill a bit in those stressful times. Thank you to the both of you, stay safe and keep being a powerful and cute couple!

  6. My personal favourite Drag Race superstar! I have loved everything Scaredy Kat has put out since day 1. This latest video is really artistic and cool. Keep up the amazing work!

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