Sadhguru's Interview on International Yoga Day 2020

On International Day of Yoga 2020, Sadhguru is interviewed by Times Now where he addresses diverse issues such as recent research from Harvard that …


  1. The statistic of 1/3 people in the world "doing yoga" is relative. Most people outside of India who do "yoga" are just doing stretches. The term "yoga" has come to mean in the English language just a fancy way of stretching.

  2. With due respect sir, and in complete agreement with the thoughts expressed.
    Kindly pull down this video. It reflects SSR's death as a suicide and mental condition. The video shows the late actor many times.. It's not fair😔

  3. Sadhguru, can you please explain your view on AYAHUASCA. It’s a brew from the indigenous in the Amazon. It’s an ancestral drink which treats the person as a whole. I have had it several times and I can say it shows you what ego is, it unites mind and heart, and finally lets you meet your soul. Besides healing your whole body. A few sessions are necessary for complete healing. I cansar I have healed all things from my childhood, possibly past lives. It’s been 3 years since I had my treatment. I continuously had it for about a year. I’m still going through it. A process!
    What your views about it please?
    If I compare it to yoga or spiritual practices from a yogi or guru, it would take years for someone tap into their soul, but ayahuasca takes you right in. And after comes a process of continuos inner healing but we are conscious and we know what’s happening. Thank you namaste

  4. Thank you sadhguru…very wise view…I am always love India and your cultural, music, and yoga…hope two countries will break the ice in future. Greetings from China.

  5. When I dig I cry for the worms I damage the bettles I accidentally killed for this I am sorry.. even down to the smallest insect… the pain of hurt hits every being in the same way… because I want to build my chooses are killing the bugs. I love the insects too…

  6. When your body is in balanced you will be depression …..
    The true reasons why I’m sad 😔 is because I see y when I work n I’m high they come as visions of things in this world…. that hit me in the chest with so much pain I cry when I dig…. your pain is my pain.. every animal suffering we will feel it.. I love all beings and give my love to all but I keep getting hit with resistance ..
    we live in a whole as a miserable society

  7. I made a right decision to uninstalled my FB and IG account and replaced it by watching and listening to sadhguru😆😆. This man is full of knowledge and wisdom.

  8. We need Harvard to tell us about the benefits if Yoga. Imagine how careless Indian people were wasting thier time doing yoga for centuries without getting any scientific validation from the modern west.

  9. Some days ago sadhguru said we should buy arms and munitions from China so that we can avoid clashes, is that statement relevant now? Or country shall boycott Chinese goods.

  10. Sadhguru If consecrated manrta or words are so powerfull… then why dont you consecrate the very commenly used mantra or words like…Gayatri Mantra, Ohm, The national enthem..????
    It will benefit a lot of people 😊

  11. respect for the views, but one genuine request to sadhguru and everyone , lets pronounce yoga as yog. since english has different structrure of language than ours it cannot spell it well. Thus we have to tell people the correct native pronounciation. normally aakarant changes the gender, example dev and mala have different gender. if native people dont pronounce it correctly how we are going to make it right for the world?

  12. “One who is receptive enough to hold on to the consciousness of God, does not need to follow any rules, dispassion, renunciation or meditation.”


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