Rebound Territory: Get Your Biggest Gains Here

It’s been a wild ride in the markets, but you embraced the volatility with Strong Hands. Now OUR America 2.0 sectors and stocks are starting to rebound. And it’s …


  1. Paul rattled my way through this correction still holding and not doing much trading to get in a better comfortable position for me. I hope to continue with more purchases but I’m looking forward to the crypto service hoping I can get into it after service fees with enough to make one or more trades at a time. Please keep your awesome advice coming so we can achieve our goals for our families. The only thing I would have liked was you saying” that you believe a correction is coming in your eyes based on your extensive market experience” not just saying remember that what goes up will come down. Great job!!!

  2. The biotech index (XBI) dropped 28% between Feb 9, 2021 and March 30, 2021 and has been trading (bouncing) within a limited range for the past 3 weeks. It may be ready to break out as well.

  3. Looking forward to your crypto trading, and I’m so glad you’re using the Coinbase platform! The other one’s are not that user friendly.

  4. Eek.. Why would you get a nondisclosed ingredient injection with zero liability, that hundreds of doctors are warning is an experimental gene modification, for a yet to be isolated virus with an.02% mortality rate? I hope you are okay!

  5. Thank You Guys. I hate that fakers are abusing your GOOD NAMES. Internets should trap them and cut their thumbs off. Those who are threatened ( the Big Money') are the ones creating the lies about A2.0/R4.0 technologies.

  6. #BOP! Regarding where FUD comes from, as I've been talking to relatives and friends about new energy, EVs, 3D printing and all the innovations you and I believe in and bet on, I figured they have no knowledge of these technologies. None. Zero. Not even about what Tesla does. On their defense, I didn't have any either until I started following you. I don't even want to mention space. When I tell them what space companies are planning to do within 5 years they look at me like I'm crazy. As you said many times, it is time for a revolution on all fronts. It is a must, there is no other way around it! Good vibes, positive energy as always, thank you AND YOUR TEAM for that!

  7. Paul, I bought my son, myself, and 3 grandkids DDD at $7. We're holding it and will enjoy what comes in the next few years. Thank you for all your picks, my portfolio of 9 stocks is up over 100%.

  8. The time frame issue is something that most new investors have. Across all the different sources that I follow, everyone is always for get rich quick schemes.
    Important for new investors to realize that long term investing is a more profitably for the average investor.
    Using rules of the game.. Even though I started buying in close to the top in Jan – Feb.. I have been able to even down as the 'crash' happened. Never down more than 5% on my total portfolio. and now back up almost 10%.
    Apparently data shows that autopilot was not engaged at the time of the crash, and neither was the vehicle equipped with the full Self Driving beta.

    We are #BOP #stronghandsnation!

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