1. Lol, I need to go to the beach. I think I will go to Florida after this horriblness goes down. Makes me sick 😷😷. Anyway good vibes to you hang in there your doing great.

  2. I got me some fried chicken btw, thanks to you. … I'm easily influenced by chicken… that's not good. Anyway, keep it up phil, your doing it!

  3. So proud of you for facing some business today! I faced some as well. The list of benefits from putting down an insidious habit goes on and on. As far as continuing your channel, maybe just vlog for a while! Show people how you transform your life into what you want and if you find funny inspiration along the way, film it! You do have a good personality for this so even if you keep taking us on beach walks, I know I'll be thoroughly entertained.

  4. hi phil. day 7 done . just watched a guy on youtube showing what a moths smoking does to your lungs compared to vaping. after day 30 why don't you try out various ways of vaping weed. wax,shatter,dabs in base liquid or vaping dried weed etc . being clean for 3 months will give you a good base line to start from. im never smoking anything ever again. i don't think ill have weed in any form again either, but vaping is healthier than smoking and it would be interesting to see if the high is comparable to smoking bud. have a good day.

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