1. Iman, would you advise on following Sam Oven's course? I like to think that you put everything you thought as valuable in your own course (that i bought a week ago). Very curious, lmk

  2. When you sign a new client and then you realise that this client hasn't good quality content or hasn't any content at all that is suitable for advertising: Do you create the content yourself with your team or do you ask the client to produce the content themselves ?
    And if they do it themselves, how do you make sure that they make great, suitable content for advertising?

  3. Hey man I'd love to know about how you went about hiring Danny and what the whole process was integrating him (and Ciaran) into your agency, must've been hard.

  4. Haha for me the hangovers came when I turned 23 or 24. At first, you just get a bad hangover after a crazy night out and you're like "oh, guess I'm getting hangovers now". Then, like 3 years later (I'm 26 now) you have two glasses of wine with your girlfriend on a Wednesday and you wake up with your head spinning. Enjoy life while you can haha!!!

  5. I've been loving these Q&As Iman, always full of information!
    You inspired me to start a YouTube channel during this lockdown! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  6. keep doing these Q&A's man, these are the best! Keeps me motivated, and it also gives us a better insight into who you are. Always look forward to these !!!!!!!!!

  7. I can't wait for the community party ? You've grown your brand and community in such an amazing way. Love your classy-ness and prestige man. I really want to work for you

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