Phil Heath on the 2020 Mr Olympia, Patrick Bet-David wanted the O? & James Hollingshead Coach UPDATE

In this Bodybuilding News video I discuss Patrick Bet-David’s want to be involved in bodybuilding & if he wanted to buy the Mr Olympia before it was sold, Phil …


  1. Turns out that Patrick is peddling covid-19 conspiracy theories and interviewing disgruntled doctors who are accusing Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates of wanting to depopulate the world. I got strange vibes from him before but now they're just radiating off of him.

  2. Yea, Hunter is 5’9-5’10 max, but he does look great! Plus that’s the perfect height anyways. Perfect example of growing the right way and not to fast. He’s been taking his time, but it’s paying off big time.

  3. Goood job! I am a huge fan of Lee Labrada and his son is like three of him! dangz! on a side note, cool tansitions with the videos, I think , it just came to me, do you think Roelly could stand to lose a few pounds and go a bit back like when he was with Granma , more of that look he donned when he was an amatuer and just basically come in super pealed! what do you think? Cause I don't think his symmetry would suffer or balance with all that extra-size! Then he could push 1 and 2 for the big O!

  4. Guys like Hunter, young and dense with no real freak factor need superb conditioning or runs risk of being overlooked on stage. Among those two Cubans it seems like Sergio is ahead in that regard.

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