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  1. With most stoners I noticed they use the shit outta everything you let them use. Or leave a mess around the house. It drives me crazy and I end up cleaning it. I work 6days a week nonstop but always getting asked if I can get something mainly cigarillo wraps. Yeah weed smokers are leaving a bad picture in my eyes

  2. Agree with the comments about people adopting a stoner personality. Take someone like Seth Rogen, seems like a decent funny guy, but you don’t need to make a weed reference in every sentence. We get it, you smoke, you don’t deserve a medal, you are not 14 anymore, its just tiresome.

  3. I work in the cannabis industry and all I have to say is educate yourself before speaking negative on it. Especially if you smoke cigarettes and/or drink alcohol that has been proven time after time to cause severe damage including death.

  4. What's all this crap about personal advancement. People who like to go to college and struggle to be something, this might be surprising, but not everybody wants to be you. That doesn't mean you should feel bad for them, because they have so much potential

    I've noticed this problem since I was a kid. Some people, quite often in academia, want you to be the absolute most you can be regardless if that's what you. wannttttt.

    It might be hard to believe, but maybe a person is perfectly satisfied working the same job they had in college. They may have went just because the school system told them that more education is the only path. too happiness.

    if you like cars, being a small time mechanic isn't enough. You have to be an engineer designing. the latest models for huge automakers. If you like to help people, you can't just get some service job in the medical field, you have to be a doctor or be in charge of an entire not for profit organization.

    Being the most you can possibly be does not make you feel more happy. In fact, well involved jobs like running. a charity, or being an engineer might mean you have to work more to get the job done. You might have to live somewhere you hate, or sacrifice time youuuu could spend. enjoying life or nurturing a relationship.

    Why do you have a job again? If you live for your job, fine, get down with your bad self, but not everybody has to live that way.

    It seems what you're saying is that weed makes you happy where you are. I say that's exactly what people need. They focus so much on having some career that their guidance counselor told them would make them happy, then all they can do is chase promotions, and they are never happy. We live in a culture of people who are never satisfied.

    We buy the most expensive products just for the label. We have what we want, but it could always be better. Little problems ruin something good for us. We fight and argue, all the time, for the dumbest reasons. We harbor resentment and anger. We can't just grow-up and leave people alone, because. we have the need to prop ourselves up, and because frivalus issues are so important.

    We can't just chill together and be friends who just accept each other. Maybe a joint is exactly what we all need.

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