Part 2 Outdoor Spring Flower Marijuana Harvest – Plus Stretch FINALLY Ends

These small Gorilla Glue and Lemon Jack plants were cloned from fimmed plants producing the staggered and high frequency branching. All but one of the …


  1. Have to say it seems the t5's are out performing the Mars Hydro. The bud sites in the t5 grow are so much "brighter." Even further down. I did some see crystal on the Mars Hydro. Maybe less yield but more potency? What made you want to try the TS100? Playing with LED growing? 😉

  2. Great work, Dr. Bacon! Those are some very pretty, super frosty nugs. Got'ta love those, BIG TIME! Those bud shots are pure eye candy!! Making me drool all over myself. I'm sure it's going excite the palate and satisfy on many levels! 

    Seeing your plant with the broken stalk, from an over-zealous super-cropping hand, reminded me of this next video, in a way; which you may find equally interesting within a broader context of the effect of properly timed stress induction on resin production. 

    Stem Piercing: Advanced Grow Tips 2 ||  AngryHippySlayer

    In this video, the AHS stabs his flowers through their main stalk, and then drives a slim stake through the slit. This is done 2 weeks before harvest, claiming it forces the flowers to produce more resin in their final stretch. 

    Feeding the soil microbes a clean carb, at that precise time,  may contribute to the extra resin output. 

    Anyway, the AHS says that technique or practice goes way back to professional ganga farmers; not something concocted, out of thin air, by himself.

  3. Turned on the post notifications, I’m a novice grower always tuning in to every video to grab tips and have a sesh while watching the videos, thanks dr bacon

  4. Hey Doc! Another great video! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m a novice grower about to harvest my first grow (Purple Orange Kush) and man, patience is definitely a virtue I’m struggling with at the moment. Lol Peace and Love bro!

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