1. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on 1/1/19, stage 2. I chose not to do chemo and surgery. I worked closely with the manager at my local cannabis store, and he advised me to work my way up to the 60 grams in 90 day routine. Which I did. The Rick Simpson oil comes in 1 gram syringes which I did, working up to one gram a day for the duration. I honestly don’t think I could have done any more! I was saturated. But, at my 5 month check up the mass had not grown at all, and now at the 11th month I feel just fine. (Oncologist said I had a year to live.)I took The RSO orally. Am now on the maintenance program of 1 gram a month for 5 years. THC causes apoptosis, the cbd keeps the tumor from spreading. My cannabis store has a cancer rate, so the normally $70.00 grams cost me $25.00. Long live Rick Simpson! 🥰

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