1. I would be worried about helicopters and daily foot traffic to water those pots everyday. Goin in the ground has some good advantages.

  2. looks a bit crazy my friend…. that’s just in a open spot??? I’m not to sure how cool they are over there but over here in Cali you couldn’t do this. Maybe up north but even then people now fight over land to grow. be careful this is a very dangerous opp. if you get busted with this, this isn’t a single charge. this is federal and big. If it was a plant or some i think you get a ticket or whatever. but to have over 60 plants like this, just remember your doing real time if caught. Start looking for a indoor spot as well or your own land…..

  3. You might run out of water, unless you guys prepared to be taking a fair bit up there weekly, I was having to take 50 litres a week to mine last year and I only had 40 plants, Anyways wish you guys the best of luck

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